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Mobile Fingerprinting Options for Faster Background

Fingerprinting. It's a word that makes you think of darkened rooms, serious looking technicians, and big intimidating machines. But fingerprinting doesn't have to be scary or difficult. New mobile fingerprinting options are changing the game and making background checks faster and easier than ever.  Old School Fingerprinting  Traditionally, fingerprinting for...

Background Check Limitations: Fact vs Fiction

So you're applying for a new job and you know a background check is coming. Your palms start to sweat thinking about what it might dig up from your past. Will they uncover that wild spring break you'd rather forget? What about that fender bender back in college? Do background...

Rechecking Employees in Sensitive Positions Periodically

With recent high-profile cases of workplace violence, fraud, and data breaches, more employers are taking steps to recheck current employees in sensitive positions periodically. Conducting updated background checks helps assess whether any new risks have emerged that could impact safety, security, compliance or company reputation.  This comprehensive guide examines why...

Using Background Checks to Uncover Scam Artists

Scam artists are becoming more prevalent in today's digital world. From romance scams to fake investment opportunities, many people fall victim to scams each year, losing billions of dollars collectively. While scammers are skilled at gaining people's trust and making elaborate ruses seem legitimate, comprehensive background checks can often reveal...

Continuous Background Monitoring Options Explained

Background checks. As an employer, you know they're important when hiring new employees. But what about existing employees? Should you just assume they'll maintain a clean record once hired? That's a risky bet these days. Situations change, and it's crucial to stay on top of any incidents that could impact...

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