Wimgo is a fast growing digital media company in need of digital marketing experts, web developers, and talented managers. If you are interested in applying to a role, please read our mission and values.

Our Mission

Wimgo is dedicated to helping people get connected to the best service providers to meet their needs. It reviews over 500,000 companies annually to select those with the best qualities to help everyone identify the best provider to meet their needs. Ultimately, we seek to improve the quality of service and experience people have with their service providers.

Open Positions

Wimgo is seeking the following roles:

SEO Specialist (Remote): Lead SEO initiatives and coordinate strategies with the CMO.

Editorial Manager (New York, NY): Identify and curate content opportunities. 

Front-End Developer (Remote): Work with the CTO and project manager to handle the website. 

Product Manager (New York, NY): Lead our product development efforts.

Marketing Intern (Remote): Coordinate with marketing team to handle outreach efforts.  

Please send your CV to: [email protected]

Our Values

Wimgo has the following core values:

1. Helping people and our employees have the best experiences possible.

2. Working with one another to grow and succeed.

3. Nurture an environment for creativity and harness the creative process. 

4. Advocate cultural, social, and economic quality around the world.