Our Selection Process

Wimgo is committed to helping people find the best service providers to meet their needs. Since 2008, Wimgo has reviewed millions of service providers to provide its visitors with a curated list of top providers with classified criteria. The mission of Wimgo is to help clients avoid negative experiences with service providers using cutting-edge technology and an expert review panel.


The reputation score of a company is computed by Wimgo by analyzing time weighted social sentiment across social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, along with genuine comments on forums specific to each of its categories. It also considers its reputation by having mainstream media coverage on highly authoritative sites such as the New York Times.


Wimgo determines the expertise of a service provider by analyzing the company’s team members. For smaller companies in some sectors, this may be the owners of the company, whereas others have a full-time staff. Wimgo reviews the unique qualifications of both the owners and their staff unique to their industry using company bios and social media pages of their team members.

Service Quality

For relevant service providers Wigmo reviews case studies and portfolios of the service providers by its expert review team. It also reviews the qualifications of the professionals responsible for fulfilling the service and factors. Wimgo also computes the area of specialization by industry and service for most providers to help select the unique relevancy for every visitor.


Wimgo analyzes a company’s consistency by reviewing its size using the website domain’s age and date of registration weighted upon its collective review presence across popular verified review websites such as the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, and Yelp. It screens for both positive and negative reviews along with the amount and overall score across all platforms.

Customer Service

Shortlisted companies are reviewed by the Wimgo secret shopper team who calls prospective top ranked providers to ask a series of standard questions to determine their response time, friendliness, and knowledge in addition to reviewing their Terms & Conditions to determine which company has the most client centric policies and handles its requests

Company FAQ

No, we do not accept any forms of payment for service providers to be included in our ranking.

An analysis of how specialized a company appears to be in a given service based on an analysis of projects referenced on their website, portfolio, and reviews mentioning projects.

No, we do not rank companies based on reviews alone but they are a factor.

We collect reviews from existing platforms that meet our verification standards, as well as accept reviews on our website that are verified over the phone.

We use a trained sentiment model for each of our categories across Healthcare, Business, and Consumer that interprets a customer’s feedback.

An analysis of how specialized a company appears to be in a given industry based on an analysis of projects referenced on their website, portfolio, and reviews mentioning projects.

Wigmo is constantly adding new companies and screening for new categories in different cities. It reviews all companies on its platforms to screen for new external information at least quarterly. Check the ‘Last Updated’ section on the ranking page to see the most recent review period.