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LAST UPDATED 13 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Aerobics Instructor in Los Angeles

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Our fitness programs are tailored to your goals, abilities and lifestyle. A consultation will help us identify what you want from a personalized workout experience by understanding the specifics of your needs: current ability level, desired focus (weight loss or muscle gain), time requirements etc.
My elite Los Angeles personal trainers are the best in town and I specialize in rapid, lasting body transformations. We use cutting-edge training techniques for top results that will have your friends green with envy! Click over to our website now if you want an amazing workout or diet plan tailored just for YOU!.
Jason Kozma is a top fitness expert and one of the most effective personal trainers in Los Angeles. His Mr. America's Body Transformation Program combines resistance training, fat-burning cardio workouts, and balanced nutrition using whole foods to help you transform your body both inside and out
Zumba programs are all the rage these days. People of every age and gender can't seem to get enough of it! The reason for this contagious blend? It's fun, effective workout that gets your heart rate elevated in no time at home or even while you're working on an exercise machine - without any live instruction needed (!).
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Are you looking to lose weight, improve your energy levels and hormone balance? A holistic fitness program is the answer. Los Angeles personal trainer Shawn Phillips offers a training solution for clients that focuses specifically on fat loss in conjunction with dietary changes and hormonal imbalances. If this sounds like something you're interested in, call today get started!
Show Up Fitness is training the world to be fit! Our programs are diverse and can cater for anyone who wishes to get in shape. Whether you want an Internship, Personal Training from top-tier trainers at one of our private gyms or a weekend seminar - there's something on offer that will suit your needs.
If you want to lose weight, tone your body and get stronger without all the hassle of going to a gym or worrying about equipment then this is for you! We promise guaranteed results with our slow motion strength training in only 20 minutes twice a week.
We were designed to move in all planes of motion and eat clean. We are an athletic functional training gym geared towards helping clients improve their overall health and fitness through mind, body, spirit connection. Whether you want to get stronger, lose fat or improve your sports performance - we got you covered!
We at Valia know that you are the master of your own destiny. That's why we want to help you live a healthy and happy life by providing evidence based training, in order for both mind and body to thrive!
Fitness enthusiast Miles Dean G. and Chang Chan had a love for fitness that led them to establish Fit2Fly in 2013, an organization dedicated to helping people achieve their health goals through personal training services with like-minded team members full of compassion.
Jon Aranita opened in 1987 with one goal: to create a gym where anyone could train without the burden and hard-core philosophy of other gyms. It would be about business, but not just any old type; instead Jon wanted it focused on helping people achieve their goals through education rather than pushing them towards whatever
Peak 5 Fitness has been providing coaching and community for years. People have never felt so at home! Peak5 is focused on creating a family of coaches, members, staff and volunteers that all are dedicated to one goal: building relationships through fitness.
Get in shape with our top-notch team of medical fitness professionals. We get you active, pain free and strong asap! Our facility is located at Westlake so why not save yourself some time by choosing us? Not only do we have affordable rates but also insurance hassle free service for that peace of mind when it comes to your health care needs.