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Peak 5 Fitness has been providing coaching and community for years. People have never felt so at home! Peak5 is focused on creating a family of coaches, members, staff and volunteers that all are dedicated to one goal: building relationships through fitness.

Los Angeles,ca
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I love this place ! An awesome community that encourages and motivates you to push yourself ! (something I struggle with) Pete is a great instructor and this place doubles as a safe space for all types of different people. I'd highly recommend for people struggling to just get started and stay consistent.


A Google User


It's definitely an experience @ Cfcoa!


Angel Martinez


I left La more than a year ago, and I still long for this place. I've done CrossFit at several other locations, and Cfcoa always, always wins. Why? Because the coaches actually Coach you! There is no need to feel intimidated by what those super-fit folks are doing over there, the coaches here help you to focus on what You need to do. I attended classes here for more than a year, and it's safe to say I learned something new in each and every class. I also had fun doing it. And fun workouts are the ones that keep me motivated!


Angela Sarno


It's the best gym around, the trainers are excellent!


Angela Vasquez


Started at Cfcoa a few weeks ago and I've been nothing but impressed. Pete knows how to push the limits but he also has a priority for 360 health so I never feel like I'm at risk of getting hurt. So far, nothing but good from me.


Blake Cadwell


First gym i signed up for when we moved from Ny and i never left! not only is it in a convenient location but everyone is amazing. Workouts are great and diverse, there is something for everyone. timings of the workouts are also great for any type of schedule. I am personally a resident in training and hence have a busy schedule but have managed to make it in often not only because i enjoy the workouts but i have now found many friends here! highly recommend!


Brigitte Huertas Guzman


I never stick with a workout. But, I've been going to Peak 5 for over a year and not only has it helped me, but it feels like home. The owner, Pete knows every member and their goals. He cares about your success and gives you every tool possible you need to succeed. The workouts are tough and have pushed me in ways I didn't believe possible. I'm stronger in body and mind. I love my classmates. I have never been more encouraged. No competition attitudes here. I couldn't reccomend this place more. By far the best gym I've ever been to.


C Nikky


Overall, this is a great place. If you're curious, you should just head over and check it out. The owner, Pete, is a really great guy who genuinely cares about the well being of each member. He's always ready with both fist bumps and ensuring you're motivated to do your best.


Cam Anderson


55 starts because I cannot rate higher. This is truly a gem of a place filled with great people And There Is Parking!!!!!!! Not to mention, a place where people actually know your name. Special shout out to Pete for keeping everyone motivated but overall, thank you to all the wonderful coaches here! Hope to see you all as soon as this is over!


Cecilia Vyprin


I love Peak 5! The coaches and members make it a fun place to not only do your Wod but also participate fun group activities (the beach, runs, bike rides and rock climbing to name a few). My only wish is my schedule would let me get there more! :)


Christi O'Connor