What to Expect Next

If you have requested to contact a company, we have shared your information with them and they may contact you. If you have requested a shortlist of companies, one of our representatives will share your shortlisted recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wimgo is committed to helping people find the best service providers to meet their needs. Since 2008, Wimgo has reviewed millions of service providers to provide its visitors with a curated list of top providers with classified criteria. The mission of Wimgo is to help clients avoid negative experiences with service providers using cutting-edge technology and an expert review panel.
First, Wimgo collects a shortlist of top ranked companies based on its ranking methodology. Then, it collects information from you based on your location preferences, budget, and requirements to recommend the most relevant provider based on your needs.
To maintain the integrity of our site, Wimgo is completely free to you and service providers. We do, however, have premium subscriptions available to you that will further assist you in selecting the best provider and conducting due diligence.
The Wimgo shortlist process includes an analysis of companies reputation, expertise level, service quality, consistency, and customer service. For a complete description, please review it here.
Wimgo does not sell your information or share it without your permission. Only companies that you select see your information.