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Are you looking to lose weight, improve your energy levels and hormone balance? A holistic fitness program is the answer. Los Angeles personal trainer Shawn Phillips offers a training solution for clients that focuses specifically on fat loss in conjunction with dietary changes and hormonal imbalances. If this sounds like something you're interested in, call today get started!

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Shawn is The Best!! Why? He is Both a certified nutritionist and certified trainer for customized exercise together with knowledge about your body and proper nutrition. I thought I was eating well and found out the many, confusing myths about our food today. I am a 72 year old woman and almost gave up believing I could lose weight safely and whittle down that middleold age spread. I had to lower my blood glucose levels too as there is Type 2 diabetes in my family. Well, so far I have lost 12 lbs. of body fat, gained muscle (!!!) and lost 214 inches from my waist in little over 2 months. I decided to invest in better food and work my body instead of spending money on pills and doctor's visits. Amy Y.


Amy Y


Would highly recommend working with him!


Anthony Sabatino


Shawn is great! He is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me so much. My health issues have gotten so much better because of his program.


Beauty Bandits


I had an amazing personal trainer session with Jeremy Crill, who provided professional advice on diet and workout routine. Coach Crill went out of his way to offer me this complimentary session, because he wished to correct some errors in my posture while I was lifting on my own. While I still need some time to decide whether to purchase more trainer sessions with him, coach Crill was polite and understanding, never pushy. I highly recommend Jeremy Crill if you're thinking about getting personal trainer sessionshe's the best trainer I've had at fitness Sf.


Carolyn Young


In every field no matter if you're an actor, writer, a boxer... There is a thing called an It Factor. You could be good, and train, rehearse and become great but seldom could you become phenomenal in what you do unless you have the It Factor. Well, Shawn has the It Factor when it comes to being a nutritionist and a personal trainer, if you listen and trust the process and do as he says the result will be prominent.


David Waknine


Shoutout to Melanie Levy for giving me a great deal! I will definitely return to Fitness Sf next summer.


Dylan Pfannerstill


La has a ton of personal trainers, but I doubt you'll find many who are as knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, and human physiology as Shawn. He crafted a program that immediately focused on sculpting my body how I want it, and has taught me a lot in terms of clean eating and fighting cravings. I saw results right away and my restful sleep improved quite a bit.I train at his West La location, but I know he does inhome personal training as well.


Jason Walker


I hired a personal trainer at this gym a few months ago to learn my way around a gym. Gyms have always felt a bit intimidating to me, mostly because I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing, and didn't have a plan. The intention of getting a trainer was to fix that.


Joann Knight


Trained with an Alex Osborne, a very knowledgeable and adaptive trainer. He adjusted to my level of training and genuinely valued my holistic state and wellbeing. While I was lifting, I really appreciated our talks on being natives of Ca and how staying fit physically and financially will definitely help in staying in San Francisco.


Julie Long


Hello there I am a client of Shawn Phillips and this is the first person that I have met the knew better than my nutritionist he


Kenya Bear