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Show Up Fitness is training the world to be fit! Our programs are diverse and can cater for anyone who wishes to get in shape. Whether you want an Internship, Personal Training from top-tier trainers at one of our private gyms or a weekend seminar - there's something on offer that will suit your needs.

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I'm so so glad that i found Show Up Fitness through Instagram. Studying has always been a confusing process for me, but the Internship made everything so clear and understandable. Not only are the webinars super helpful, but their Instagram also gives a lot more facts that will help me, and others, to become a more knowledgeable trainer. If you want to gain the most information possible, you should definitely try these guys out!


Alexis Mobley


I tried studying for Nasm at home and it just wasn't for me. At Show Up Fitness Academy I was able to learn from someone who has a ton of experience. Chris thoroughly taught us the 17 muscles of the shoulder, 40 muscles of the hip, and how to pass the Nasm exam. Passing a cert is one thing, but the experience that I gained from the internship is on a whole other level. Truthfully the best personal training school out there.


Arnulfo Fernandez


Love Chris


Audrie Espinoza


Chris helped me get a better understanding of how much I should be eating on workout and non-workout days. The best part of it all is how much he simplifies what you can and/or should be eating. It doesn't really matter as long as you hit the right numbers. All it takes is some focus and planning, and clearly showing up. He gave me some guidance about a week ago and I've already seen noticeable results in my gut and lost 5 pounds total. Thanks for your help Chris!


Brian Foster


I started working with Chandler here and she has been awesome! I am not someone who is used to using weights often and she takes time to explain everything and make sure I understand what I


Carly Burton


Show Up Fitness Academy is by far the most exceptional school I have been encountered with. When I first got to school I was contemplating on quitting in the first two weeks and Chris literally saved me. He could have let me quit class but instead he had hope in me and saw potential; My life changed from that point on with his guidance. I went to the school having no understanding of any anatomy, kinesiology and training real life people . Chris had one of his trainers, Brett tutor me to help me understand the knowledge that he went over in class. I started sinking in all the information with Brett's guidance day by day. Apart of the internship at Show Up Fitness Santa Monica, I shadowed, and eventually taught their bootycamp classes to help build my confidence. I learned to train clients 11 and he also helped me a lot with the business side of things within personal training. Chris has built up my confidence not only through school but also in my personal life and for this I am forever thankful. I started from almost quitting class, to now working as a trainer with Chris's help. Chris is the type of person to go above and beyond his measures for anyone he possibly can help and I am forever grateful to have him as my teacher, mentor and friend.


Chandler Mikos


Chris Hitchko will be your mentor!! He is a experienced professional who has helped launch, train, and challenge the fitness industry and its aspiring trainers to study anatomy and human movement and programming. To achieve true successes and contribution in the careers of trainers and the progression of knowledge in physical fitness.


Chris G Fox




Christina Gutierrez


Worked out with Chandler. She pointed out so many things my trainer had taught me that we


Danny Rosenberg


Trainers and the staff are great too. I work out with James, he's a great trainer. I usually hate him for a day or two after our workout, but the results are worth it!


Denise Robinson