Top Cardiologist in Chicago - 2021

LAST UPDATED 25 Sep, 2021
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List of the Top Cardiologist in Chicago

Dr. Anne Marie Kudelka is a cardiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and also serves as an internist for the Feinberg School of Medicine, Section of Cardiology in Chicago. She received both awards from Resurrection hospital – James Herrick Award For Outstanding Achievement In Clinical Medicine and Health System Clinician with patients while working closely within these hospitals departments respectively over time.

Dr. Jain is a cardiologist in New York who found his calling after witnessing the effects of heart disease during medical school and residency, so he set out to get training at St Mary’s Hospital near Rochester, NY. Now over 30 years later he’s still practicing with an excellent reputation among patients and colleagues alike for providing some of the best care available anywhere on earth!

Dr. Safdar Ali has been practicing as a cardiologist in Chicago for more than 20 years, and he currently works at multiple hospitals including Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Norwegian American Hospital. Dr. Ali received his medical degree from Nishtar Medical College before beginning work with patients here.

Dr. Flaherty is an experienced doctor with degrees in cardiac medicine and medical research, as well as a leading instructor for cardiology-related courses such as the Chicago Case-Based Coronary & Structural Heart Intervention Update Conference. He has been conducting heart valve therapies and other important studies that have contributed to improving care of his patients nationwide.

The Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute at Northwestern Medicine is a nationally recognized institute that specializes in what makes them proud – the care they provide for their patients every day. The six niche centers within this program offer patient focused, specialized care to make sure each person’s needs are met and exceeded.

The Cardiology Medical Group at Central Vermont Medical Center is a top place to get cardiac care. We diagnose and treat common heart diseases, as well as the rare ones! Our team of providers order many different types of diagnostic tests for your whole body: from non-invasive procedures like EKG’s to inpatient electrophysiologic studies or even pacemaker implantation surgery.

Dr. Abed Dehnee is a cardiologist in Chicago, Illinois who has been practicing for over 20 years and works with multiple hospitals in the area, including Swedish Covenant Hospital and University of Chicago Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Damascus University Faculty of Medicine where he studied medicine before coming to America as an immigrant physician-in-training at Crosstown.