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The Cardiology Medical Group at Central Vermont Medical Center is a top place to get cardiac care. We diagnose and treat common heart diseases, as well as the rare ones! Our team of providers order many different types of diagnostic tests for your whole body: from non-invasive procedures like EKG's to inpatient electrophysiologic studies or even pacemaker implantation surgery.

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Terrible wait time and very unorganized.


Jim Witkiewicz


came here once a couple months ago as my previous doctor retired. First they were super unorganized and the staff was unprofessional. The receptionist took my vitals and weight in the waiting area which I thought was strange. I waited a hour after my appointment time to see the doctor. The doctor I had wasn't thorough with my exam and didnt seem like he cared. But I thought maybe I'm reading into it wrong. Today I called to see if they can see me as I have been dealing with a sinus infection and it's not getting better. the receptionist told me they cant see me as they have no open appointments for 2 weeks and to go to the Er. I explained that I am not going to the Er for a sinus infection and I dont see why my doctor cannot see me as I'm sick. she said she can schedule me for 2 weeks or I can go to the Er. Unbelievable!


Tanya Pryor