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Dr. Flaherty is an experienced doctor with degrees in cardiac medicine and medical research, as well as a leading instructor for cardiology-related courses such as the Chicago Case-Based Coronary & Structural Heart Intervention Update Conference. He has been conducting heart valve therapies and other important studies that have contributed to improving care of his patients nationwide.

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Briefly, after the valve placement went badly, we were told our mother was not doing wellDr. Flaherty and Dr. Russell spoke to us. We asked them to do what they could to save her. Once she passed, he never came and spoke to us again. We never saw her alive again; she never received last rites. Poor performance by both Northwestern and its doctors. Go somewhere else and to someone else!! Find someone who cares. This was a woman who lived independently, cooked meals for herself and company every day, who was !00% mentally aware, and enjoyed life.


Cheryl Bell


Within the hospital system, Dr. Flaherty has an excellent reputation. He is not a surgeon so he does not operate. But he is an interventional cardiologist, meaning he does heart catheterizations. These procedures are done on people suspected of having serious heart disease and occasionally can have bad outcomes that are beyond the doctor's control. I chose him based on his reputation, his academic ties (He is an associate professor), his research, and what other patients have said about his nature. He took care of my father who had a rare heart condition. Not only was he familiar with treating this rare condition that other cardiologists were not comfortable dealing with, he was very good at explaining every detail and I was very comfortable having my father in his hands. I am very sorry for the other reviewer's loss. I know nothing of her case. But I do know that bad things can happen despite the best efforts of the physicians who care for them, and I personally had a good experience, know Dr. Flaherty is very well trained, and I trusted him with my father who is doing very well.


David Zich


Dr. Flaherty has managed my cardio since my triple bypass surgery in 2014. Stellar post op care, and excellent care through the annual ongoing check up visits. I can't say enough good things about the guy. Intelligent, compassionate, personable. He's a keeper!


Larry Davis


The staff there was wonderful. Highly recommend Dr Flaherty.


Tina Smith