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List of the Top Biofeedback Therapist in Chicago

At Critical Thinking for Success, we teach people how to use their brains and create the best life. We want them to realize what magnificent souls they are so that they can enjoy the world around them more easily when no one is getting in their way! Our society should be full of these happy people who have a clear mind free from any cognitive roadblocks.

Neurobehavioral therapy is a set of assessment and treatment procedures addressing biological mechanisms that contribute to behavioral disorders, such as difficulties with attention/concentration, hyper-activity, learning difficulties, impulsivity. These treatments can address mood swings (or the lack thereof), over-reactive behavior or aggression.

NewLife Holistic Health offers today’s most effective natural therapies alongside the latest technology to offer patients a higher chance of health and wellness. Using Biofeedback technology, New Life is able to uncover stress factors which can lead to long-term issues that block you from becoming healthy.

Optimum Joy understands how much trust our clients are putting in us. We want you to feel comfortable with the practice so here’s a little bit about who we are and what we do: When life throws you for an emotional loop, Optimum Joy is committed to supporting your needs through providing professional counseling services at affordable rates.

Synapse Chicago is a wellness and mental health center that specializes in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of everyday problems. Our team works with children as well as adults to help them find their own solutions through dieting or nutrition plans; exercise programs; sleep techniques; coping strategies for anxiety-related issues like peak performance.

The Best Therapies practices in Chicago, IL and specializes in the treatment of a variety of psychological issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders. Our experienced therapists are ready to help you find the peace that’s been eluding you for so long. We offer phone sessions or video conferencing with your therapist if this is more convenient for you!

Chicago Mind Solutions is a one of the few providers in the United States who offer patients access to Brain Avatar by Brainmaster Technology. This breakthrough technology allows them to see their brain’s progress as they undergo EEG training, which can be far more targeted and precise than ever before with results that are potentially realized quicker too!

Cognitive Solutions Learning Center in Chicago provides a staff of highly educated specialists for individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, Autism, Anxiety and Depression. The center offers comprehensive psychoeducational testing as well as EEG neurofeedback therapy to help people live better lives.