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At Critical Thinking for Success, we teach people how to use their brains and create the best life. We want them to realize what magnificent souls they are so that they can enjoy the world around them more easily when no one is getting in their way! Our society should be full of these happy people who have a clear mind free from any cognitive roadblocks.

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Bob's been in the business of helping people live at a higher, more fulfilling level for years. It's what his professional life has been all about. This newest endeavor of his, Critical Thinking for Success, gets to the root of so many challenges that people have. I'm delighted to see him offering this work here in Chicago!


Bill Epperly


I highly value Bob Kauffman's expert and practical coaching. He has assisted me in improving my professional practice, as well as my personal well being. He's my GoTo Guy for any and all coaching!


Catherine Popowits


Critical Thinking has helped me personally plus many more of my affiliates.We highly recommend these fine folks.They are very attentive to detail and strive to work with you for peak performance. I've recommended them to many folks and they all have had very positive results.Time money well spent


Ed LeTourneau


Absolutely the best tonwork with!


Goldman Sales


I have known Bob for many years, and he has always had an incredible ability to get to the root of a problem quickly and implement strategies effectively. He is an immensely positive individual and brings this outlook to his professional relationships. I am grateful to know him.


L Puri


Critical thinking for success is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It can change your life. Bob is a truly genuine person who deeply cares for others and his passion to help others succeed is easy to see. Whether you want to improve your business skills, personal life, relationships and your overall way of thinking, this is the place to go. I always thought the concept of ( re training your brain) was a myth, but after my experience I can tell you it


Mark Pinelli


Critical Thinking for Success has made a positive impact in every aspect of my life: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial.


Mark Tingle