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Chicago Mind Solutions is a one of the few providers in the United States who offer patients access to Brain Avatar by Brainmaster Technology. This breakthrough technology allows them to see their brain's progress as they undergo EEG training, which can be far more targeted and precise than ever before with results that are potentially realized quicker too!

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7 Reviews

Chicago Mind Solutions has helped us out so much! Our daughter was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, and we did not want to put her on stimulants. Dr. Treiber helped us better understand how her brain works with a Qeeg, and the neurofeedback sessions have helped her focus more, regulate better, and be less anxious about school. All of her teachers comment on the positive changes since she has begun neurofeedback therapy, and we can


Ellie J. Chapman


I found the staff at Cms to be highly professional. Dr. Treiber explained the process to me in a very thorough and understandable manner, and I felt as if I truly understood how my brain was functioning for the first time in my life. Understanding and improving brain function through neurofeedback is an amazing experience!


Jami M


Thank you, Chicago Mind Solutions!


Jeff Lalli


I was a parent struggling to find a therapy that would work for our son. Scan showed damage that sports and accident injuries had done. We knew giving our son medication was a route we did not want to take. Dr Trieber respected that and worked to find a therapy that would work for us. Prachi was professional and an incredible emotional support. Our son is back to the boy we remember and love. This was a process to our sons overall health and wellness. This was step one of that jouney, an investment well worth it!


Juanita Gamez


Dr. Treiber and Prachi are extremely knowledgeable, supportive, understanding and above all friendly. They have given me a diagnosis and solution to my health issues that I've been searching for years. I'm still going through treatments but can already notice an improvement.


Katrina Lambke


Yeah it might work for rich people who can afford it but for the rest of us at 40 to 60 sessions you will lose all your money with no guarantee you will feel better in any way. I checked so many studies demonstrating inconclusive results. Would you really risk it? Why not offer discount for people who really need it the sick and the poor who cannot afford premium insurance?? This is main reason i vote down because these people are too greedy. Also you can buy neurofeedback machines online that people claim might work just as well saving you up to 10,000 dollars


Kihlibarn Muchabari (Kihli)


I have suffered with severe depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. I tried different prescription medicines, and some worked better than others. All of them had some nasty side effects for me though. After reading about neurofeedback, I decided to try it. The results of the scan were so accurate it was scary. I have had several months of sessions, and for the first time in my life I feel balanced without any medications. Thank you!


Tangeer Mehedi