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List of the Top LASIK Surgeon in Los Angeles

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Lasik laser vision correction is one of the great medical advances in our time when performed on an appropriate person. Though you have lived with poor eyesight for years, you can now do this painless procedure and walk out minutes later seeing well without glasses or contacts.
At LA Sight in Los Angeles, we put patients first. It is our goal to educate and inform you of all the options available for correcting your vision problems so that if a surgical procedure such as LASIK or PRK with Advanced Cataract Surgery (SMILE) will work best for what makes sense at this moment in time then it can happen here!
CCRS is a Refractive Surgery Center that offers all forms of latest vision correction surgery. Dr. Paul C Lee is an eye physician and surgeon who has been recognized for his expertise in customizing your future sight, beyond LASIK with refractive surgeries like PRK or RLE laser treatment to give you the best chance at great outcomes without glasses!
The Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute is a leader in laser eye surgery, with an experienced team of surgeons who have trained at some of the world's most prestigious institutions. From LASIK and PRK procedures to Cornea Transplants or advanced Cataract surgeries for Keratoconus--we can help you find what works best for your procedure needs!

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Dougherty Laser Vision has been providing laser eye surgery in the Los Angeles and Ventura counties for more than a decade. We offer LASIK, cataract surgery to patients who demand high quality care with advanced techniques such as implantable contact lenses or corrective lens implants! With our wide range of treatment options we ensure each patient receives what is best suited for them.
Dr. Rex Hamilton, a world-renowned ophthalmologist who specializes in advanced cataract and refractive surgery (LASIK/SMILE/PRK/ICL) at his clinic the West Los Angeles /Beverly Hills area . He has been board certified since 2000 with years of experience as an eye surgeon that can be seen during your appointment!
Dr. Soroudi is a globally renowned eye surgeon and biomedical engineer who has performed over 30,000 successful operations to date. His expertise lies with advanced vision corrective surgery as well as eyelid plastic (Oculoplastic) surgery which makes him one of the most experienced professionals in his fields internationally recognized!
Dr. Sand is a board certified subspecialty trained ophthalmologist who attended medical school at Case Western Reserve University where he was elected into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and completed his residency as an Eversight Eye Bank Fellow, being inaugural recipient in their prestigious fellowship program for eye banking specialists."
Dr. Lin's dedication to medicine shines through in his many achievements, including receiving two prestigious fellowship awards from the Foundation for Ophthalmology and Excellence (Heed) as well as Abelson Medical Center Scholars Program recognizing excellence among promising young physicians with notable accomplishments within their discipline or subspecialty area of expertise."
Dr. Seibel is a world-renowned eye surgeon with experience that spans decades and thousands of cases to his credit. He has been the recipient of many awards, including being named "Best Surgeon in America" by UBS Financial Services four times!
AEI, or Assil Eye Institute is the highest standard of care for ophthalmology. This commitment dates back to 1949 when Dr.'s Robert M (Sankey) and Kerry Assil founded their pioneering hospital that specializes in Cataract surgery with LASIK capability--a milestone moment on its own but even more so today as many other hospitals have followed suit!
Excel Laser Vision Institute is Southern California's top provider of laser eye surgery! We've helped so many people in los angeles, orange county and all around southern california live their lives without glasses or contacts. Come visit us today to learn more about what we can do for you.
One of the few places in America where you can get top-notch eye care is at UCLA

Benjamin Eye Institute

Service Focus
8% Aniseikonia
60% Cataract Surgery
23% Dry Eyes
9% Electrophysiology
Service Focus
8% Aniseikonia
60% Cataract Surgery
23% Dry Eyes
9% Electrophysiology
The Benjamin Eye Institute is the premier eye care center where patients go for comfortable exams, definitive diagnoses and among some of most advanced treatments available. Our surgeons specialize in cataract surgery, laser vision correction (LVC)and retina services; all with one goal: To give you back your life!
At Excel Laser Vision Institute, we understand that having LASIK eye surgery is an important decision which will have a lasting and profound effect on your life. This is why every patient at our laser eye center has the best possible treatment for their condition through out-standingly professional staff members who perform procedures in Los Angeles or Orange County with unparalleled care.
We are committed to providing you with the highest quality care and service. Our staff is dedicated to thoroughly informing you about all risks involved in getting your eyes done, but also how helpful they can be for people who suffer from several types of vision problems like glaucoma or diabetes!
Thank you for your interest in the Caster Eye Center and our Lasik specialist, Dr. Andrew Caster! We are dedicated exclusively to laser eye surgery here at LASIK Beverly Hills/LA area office- so if that's what you have planned then feel free send us an email or give us a call today--we'll take good care of any questions & get started on setting up an appointment ASAP :)
At Global LASIK & Cataract Institute, we provide state-of-the art vision care backed by innovative technology and a team of dedicated specialists. Our skilled surgeons are committed to helping you protect and enhance your eyesight through exceptional services like cataracts treatment or high end lasik surgery . Our locations can be found in various cities such as West lake village Huntington Beach , west los angeles Ontario etc...