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The Laser Refractive Center is the premier location for vision correction in Southern California. With access to superior technology and a friendly environment, patients will be able to achieve greater than 20/20 vision without any hassle or fuss. The center has been operating since 1995 with thousands of satisfied customers under their belt; it's no wonder they're so confident that you'll be happy too!

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I am extremely happy with my results from Lasik surgery! I have been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old and now I can see the signs on the freeway and people's faces clearly!!! I had a lot of astigmatism and I couldn't see distance without my glasses. I no longer am frustrated in the mornings when I wake up and cannot find my glasses. I can put on eye liner without having my face right up against the mirror. Dr. Hamilton is kind and explains every step, so you know what to expect.


Allician Perez


Diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma in 2018 and scared to death. So lucky to live in California and close enough to Ucla for Dr. Tara Mccannel to do my radiation plaque surgery and removal . Rare talented doctor and 'Fellows' funded by The Eye Cancer Institure and rare diagnonsis. It's your eyesight so just can't believe my Caremore Hmo sent me here.


Anne James Reliance Mortgage Service Inc


I recently had cataract surgery performed by Dr. David Hamilton. I cannot begin to express how completely and totally satisfied I am with Dr. Hamilton and his wonderful, professional staff. I had some concerns and fears about the surgery including whether I would need glasses to read after the surgery. Dr. Hamilton addressed all of my concerns in a professional yet friendly manner. My expectations were greatly exceeded thanks to Dr. Hamilton and the Tecnis Symfony lens he suggested. The difference is night and day. I can see clearly and in focus. Everything is brighter and more vivid. And, most importantly I do not need glasses to read. My only regret is waiting so long to have the cataract surgery. I Can See Again.


Bennett A Spector


I personally am not one who usually writes reviews or comments. However, I am so impressed with Dr. Hamilton. He is a doctor who takes his time to explain, has the surgical expertise, and is both professional and caring. He definitely sets the tone for his entire team, all of whom are first rate. Additionally, the facilities at Ucla Jules Stein are state of the art. Very pleasant for a surgical facility!!


cherie jones


I see all the positive reviews and I am so disappointed with my visit. The staff was amazing they were very friendly. The first technician was super polite, friendly and guided me nicely on what to do while he measured my vision. Then I went into another room and a female assistant came in. She was very friendly and professional as she went over my information. She performed some other tests and explained what my condition was and how the procedure would benefit me. She left and said the doctor will be coming in shortly. Few minutes passed and no male doctor came. The same assistant who tended to me minutes before came back and repeated what she told me and then was directed to go see the finance lady and she will explain costs. I never saw the doctor I was scheduled for. I guess I wasn




I could not possibly be happier! I can't imagine receiving better care, (for my recent cataract surgery), than I have with Dr. David Hamilton and his team. Their incredible expertise, readiness to answer my many questions and their genuine concern for the very best outcome all left no doubt that I was in the best hands possible. I was very fortunate to be a candidate for the Tri Lens (needing no glasses for reading or distance after treatment) and, after years of severely blurry double vision and constant frequent updating of my prescription glasses, I awoke the morning after the first surgery able to see even the tiniest of objects clearly and sharply. Now, as I await the surgery on my second eye, my life has already changed profoundly. Living in such a fog had, without me realizing it, created a sense of isolation and separation. With my radically improved eyesight I feel as if I've been given a vibrant, present, new chance at life. I can now experience the outside world as jubilantly and youthfully as I feel on the inside.


Emily Tracy


Thank you everyone for the amazing experience


Indrajit K


I refer to Dr. Hamilton as the Miracle Man! First of all, he repaired a bad outcome cataract surgery by another physician in one of my eyes. Once I could see clearly in that eye, he performed cataract surgery on my other eye. I now see perfectly and am so thrilled with his work. Everyone was wonderful at his office, and Dr. Hamilton is kind, personable, and very willing to explain procedures and what to expect in the healing process. I couldn't be more pleased!!


Jacqueline Brown


Hopefully, the above is enough to convince you to give Dr. Hamilton a try how can 4 out of 4 patients be wrong!


Jjjj Aaaa


Thank you Dr. Hamilton and the entire team at Ucla Jules Stein for the improvement you have made to my eyesight.


John Hugunin