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Seibel Vision Surgery is a premier eye care facility that specializes in vision correction and the treatment of various diseases. You can trust Seibel to give you quality service because we have been providing it for over 50 years! When choosing an ophthalmologist, your eyesight should always be priority number one.

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Wonderful team! Came in for a second opinion on my lasik results and they were all very kind and courteous, and I felt better about my eyes and vision! I would definitely recommend this office!


A Google User


Excellent Doctor and staff


Bill Moncure


Dr Seibel was the most professional and skilled physician i have had the pleasure of being treated by. He has completely restored my eyesight to 2015 in both eyes and in a manner that was effortless and unintrusive. I cannot recommend this doctor enough


Colin Wallace


I just had cataract surgery on September 14 for the second eye from Dr. Seibel. He performed the surgery perfectly once again. The surgery itself takes around 20 minutes once the prep is completed. The surgery is pain free. My vision has never been so good. I want to encourage anyone who needs cataract surgery do not hesitate. I personally would only go to Dr. Seibel his success with me is perfect. I am seeing 2015 in my distance 3 years after my first surgery. I am reading perfectly two days after my second eye was operated on. Amazing is all I can say.


David Leff


I had Prk surgery to see without glasses and couldn


Elia Bonner-Warszawski


Recently had cataract surgery on my left eye with Dr. Barry Seibel, who did my right eye 3 years ago. I chose multi-focus lenses both times and now have great vision in both eyes -- distance and close-up -- and no need for glasses. Everything he does is state of the art, and individually tailored to each patient's eye. Highly recommend him.


Erika Rothenberg


Dr. Seibel is very good at what he does.


Gary Mark


Dr.Seibel is the best! My grandmother is almost 90 with an extensive medical history and a great fear of eye related medical needs. She also doesn't speak English, and only knows Russian. Dr.Seibel's bedside care is unmeasurable. He even knew Russian words, which helped her feel at ease. Every single appointment with Dr.Seibel and his team left us feeling well taken care of and relaxed. He is an incredible surgeon. Her cataract surgery and recovery went smoothly. In and out of the office without any pain, she went from being blind to selfsufficient within a few hours. Postop instructions are fool proof and easy to follow. We cannot wait to have Dr.Seibel operate on her second eye. We are extremely grateful.


Helen Melon


Thank your Dr. Seibel.


Helena Roman


Unfortunately Dr. Seibel has no respect for a patients time. For instance... If you are scheduled for a 11am appointment don