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List of the Top Labor Relations Attorney in Los Angeles

HKM Employment Attorneys LLP is a leading national firm that represents individuals and workers in all aspects of employment law. The company has numerous offices across the US, with representation for Federal Employees available nationwide through our affiliate network – no matter where you live or work!

Our roster boasts hundreds of years of combined legal experience. This is not your run-of-the mill level, this is “seasoned” judgment; we’ve seen it all and know exactly what you need when facing challenging employment related issues in California–trust us!

The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group is the premiere law firm for all your labor and employment needs. We have a diverse group of experienced attorneys, ready to help you with any situation that arises at work or in life outside of it!

You deserve the best possible recovery. That’s why we have full faith in achieving your goals with experience, skills and dedication to help you secure compensation that is just right for what has happened – no matter where it happens or when an accident occurs!
Woodland Hills attorneys provide representation on a contingency fee basis which means there are no up-front costs unless we win funds from payouts awarded through litigation .

At Omid Nosrati and Associates, we offer compassionate legal representation to help you through the process. You deserve straightforward guidance from someone who understands your specific challenges associated with employment law claims so they can be relieved of any stress caused by this unfortunate situation in life–employment attorney Omid has been there before!

The California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group is the premiere law firm for all your labor and employment needs. We have a diverse group of experienced attorneys, ready to help you with any situation that arises at work or in life outside of it!

Mr. Delshad is a top-ranked attorney who has helped many clients prevail against their employers, and he will do everything in his power to help you if need be! He graduated from one of the best law schools out there

True Legal Group is a leading employment law office practicing throughout the state of California and has been representing employees nationwide. We

CDF is one of the top employment, labor and immigration firms in California. We have locations across this state with five offices located from Sacramento to San Diego where we can help you resolve your case or reduce risk exposure for yourself as an employer!

Melmed Law Group P.C. is a premier employment firm that specializes in complex litigation matters for employees, especially those whose cases involve an unfair or abusive workplace environment and want to hold their employer accountable through the courts of law!

HKM Employment Attorneys LLP is a national law firm that specializes in representing individuals and workers, not only across the United States but also for Federal Employees. They have many years of experience handling employment related legal issues such as discrimination by employers from all 50 states. Let HKM help you get started on your journey to achieving justice today!

Since 1993, law firm owner Karl Gerber has successfully handled more than 1,640 California employment cases with a high rate of success. He chairs all binding arbitration and jury trials he takes on as well. All agents are contingency-based; they only receive fees when their clients win – but in most instances it doesn’t take long before we come up big!

At Miracle Mile Law, we are a group of experienced employment attorneys dedicated to fighting for the rights and justice that every employee deserves. Whether you’ve been wronged at your job or harassed while working there – our firm will guide you through any steps needed in order maximize recovery from an employer who has harmed them like this.

The Los Angeles employment attorneys and wrongful termination lawyers at the Azadian Law Group, PC are dedicated to exclusively representing employees in cases where they have been wrongfully terminated. With over 20 years of experience under their belt (and plenty more when you include apprentices), these labor force knows how defend rights as well keep employers accountable by taking on both state or federal courtrooms if necessary!

Fair employment law is the practice of protecting employees from being mistreated or discriminated against in their workplace. Fair lawyers at Kaplan Weiss LLP can help you with your employment-related issues, including sexual harassment cases and wrongful termination where they have over forty years’ worth experience that will result into a favorable outcome for our client’s needs!

Ottinger Employment Lawyers is the premier employment law firm in Los Angeles providing legal assistance to employees and executives. We handle all types of disputes, from salary negotiations or EEOC complaints about harassment on your job application process through termination agreements; we can help you solve any problem related with getting paid what’s owed!

Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP is a Los Angeles employment and labor law firm that provides quality representation in all matters. The founding partners have been routinely recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine as well has having topped peer review sites with their Top Rated status!

Allen Felahy is a premier employment lawyer who has tried cases that have influenced California labor law in the areas of sexual harassment, discrimination and trial procedure. He’s also known for his success rate: Mr.Felahy’s achieved victories with 99% wins and 95% successes when it comes to trials- he

When you need an experienced worker’s compensation attorney to help with your claim, call Scott Law Firm. We can explain the benefits that are available and provide a free consultation where we will address any questions or concerns as well!

All the way back in 2007, attorney Lee Feldman was named to Super Lawyers

We have successfully handled all types of labor and employment matters for many types of employees. We represent people who work in a variety of industries, from government contracting firms to Fortune 500 companies- but we also understand that not every client requires our services!