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As a lawyer fighting for the underdog, I am always excited when my clients come to me with an employment law case. One of the most satisfying experiences is being able to help them get back on their feet and hold those who break laws accountable.

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My experience with Mr. Delshad was awesome! Mr. Delshad is simply an wonderful person who always kept in touch as well and had me up to date through the whole entire process! I'm thankful I had the chance to meet him. My case settlement did take over 1 year but I've come to conclusion that if there is a hold up on either end of this its usually on the other parties end and not Mr. Delshad. There's only so much they can do to expedite the process of each individuals case. He got me the results i wanted.


Brad Hook


Finally a law firm not afraid of the Wells Fargo cartel. I only wish I had found you before I settled my case for pennies on the dollar!


Christine Wallace


I highly recommend Jonathan Delshad for all employment related attorney services.


Edwin Asaf


Jonathan was so helpful in my business needs. He took the time to help me and give honest answers, even if it did not benefit his practice. It


Jason Shankman


Mr. Delshad helped me with my contracts and made sure I understood them clearly. It's so refreshing to see a lawyer have their clients best interest in mind. Professional, responsive and caring. Highly recommended!!


Kimia Wellness


Jonathan Delshad is an extremely capable, smart and strategic professional. Highly recommended.


Kolbeinn Einarsson


Jon and Elie are are two that I will always recommend when it comes to employment legal issues. I tend to question everything and everyone. Unless you can gain my trust. But Jon and Elie were two that made me comfortable enough that I trusted them with my legal issue. They were always upfront about everything and told me thing for what they was and didn't beat around the bush. They always had an answer for my questions and we're always there. If you should ever need help in their field of law this place is a place to go Jon and Elie will not only help but they'll show you that they care and try their hardest because they care.


Rubio G.


When hiring a law firm the resolution is what matters. I got exactly what I wanted.


Stephen Carmona