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Rights in the workplace are not as simple or clear cut as they may appear. If you feel like your rights have been violated, get a second opinion from California Employment Attorney Group who knows how to handle these complicated situations with both skill and care.

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Thank you for doing so much for me and my family after our accident. Without your help, our claim probably wouldn


Abigall Mia


My wife and I had a wonderful experience working with Sal and Alexa on our case. They are very knowledgeable and helpful with anything you may need. We would highly recommend this firm to anyone who may need help. Thanks again


Adrianne Aylsworth


If you are in need of a lawyer to handle your injury case, you seriously can stop looking any further. This team is the best injury law group around. There is no doubt about that. They care for their clients and will do it all to get them a recovery.


Alexandra Pauline


I was terminated from my job due to covid 19 and had no one to talk to about my case. I reached out to this firm and as immediately able to get through to an attorney. They told me what I can and cannot do. I was very happy with the service and feedback.


Andy Carrie


To this day, I still can


Arlette McGrath


I was attacked by a dog during my morning jog. The dog was in an unsecured yard (the gate had been left wide open), and it started chasing me as I passed by. I suffered significant harm, including nerve damage that left me with chronic pain. I contacted a lawyer as soon as I could and filed a lawsuit against the dog owner. My lawyer took care of everything and was able to get me an amazing payout.


Billy Phillips


I was referred to California Employment Attorneys Group by another firm from Sf who stated that California Employment Group were more closer (i am in La) and were better suited to assist me with my issue. That was an honest and Wonderful recommendation! I worked with Daniel and Igor on my situation and I appreciated is honesty and straightforwardness and after assessing the situation presented all the options so that I could make the best, intelligent and well informed decision. He was able to negotiate a better severance deal for me than the one my company initially offered. In fact, while he was working on my case, I was contacted by a family member in a similar situation and was able to refer her to him. I appreciate all Daniel's hard work and definitely recommend him and his firm to anyone who needs employment type of services he and his firm provide. Thanks for all your hard work in resolving my issue!


brittany oldaker


I was injured at work (one of the machines malfunctioned). My boss refused to


Callum Butler


Was in a bad dispute with my employer. I was fired for what I believed to be very unlawful practices. Reached out to them about my case and immediately spoke with a lawyer who provided me a lot of details about the case and what I could do next. I must have spent 30 minutes on the phone asking questions about steps and strategy. Ultimately I decided not to do anything about it, but they really were helpful in getting all my questions answered timely.


Carmon Weiss


These are a stand up group of Employment lawyers. They are transparent, honest, and direct. They have been helpful to me even after my business was done. Thank you guys.


Carrie Ewalt