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List of the Top Eye Care Center in Los Angeles

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At LensCrafters, we believe sight is a gift and that's why our team members are passionate about caring for your eyes. We want to provide you with the best care possible so come see us at one of our stores where we will help make sure everything from prescriptions to eyeglasses feels like they were meant just for you!
Westchester Eyecare Center is a boutique-style optometry practice serving patients in the Westchester area of Los Angeles, California. Jennifer Tabiza, OD leads this friendly and welcoming practice that provides cutting edge examinations to make sure you have healthy eyes for life!
Dr. Robert Maloney and Dr. Neda Shamie are the first doctors in North America to perform LASIK surgery, which is a treatment for vision correction using lasers that have revolutionized how people see their whole lives ahead of them with more clarity than ever before!

Dr. Robert K. Maloney, Md | Los Angeles Ophthalmologist

Service Focus
22% Aniseikonia
13% Cataract Surgery
63% Dry Eyes
3% Electrophysiology
Service Focus
22% Aniseikonia
13% Cataract Surgery
63% Dry Eyes
3% Electrophysiology
The Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute specializes in the full spectrum of vision correction procedures. We are experts at All Laser LASIK, PRK, Implantable Contact Lenses; Toric lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia surgery as well cataract surgery including advanced options like cross linking or cortical Thickness Enhancement (CTE).

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Dr. Tom Case's Pacific EyeCare is not only the oldest, but it helped establish one of the first Ophthalmology practices that specialized in cataracts and other eye surgeries as well. Drs. at this practice pioneered state-of-the art improvements for many years before establishing a surgery center where they offered outpatient procedures to help patients get back on their feet faster than ever!
The Eyexam of California is an establishment that only provides the best vision care to its patients. With a committed doctor and friendly staff members, we make sure you get all your needs met from comprehensive eye exams right down towards emergency services for those who find themselves in need at any given time.
Seibel Vision Surgery is a premier eye care facility that specializes in vision correction and the treatment of various diseases. You can trust Seibel to give you quality service because we have been providing it for over 50 years! When choosing an ophthalmologist, your eyesight should always be priority number one.
The UCLA Stein Eye Institute is a place of hope and achievement, where world-class researchers from all over the globe come to fulfill their dreams. The team's mission: preventing blindness by transforming patient care in retina disease research through innovation with awe inspiring facilities like three clinical trials currently underway at once!
In 1952, Jules Stein and his wife Doris had a dream. They wanted to prevent blindness by transforming the quality of vision research and patient care with an ambitious plan for UCLA's eye institute. The school was already doing groundbreaking work in psychiatry as well as ophthalmology; however they saw room for improvement on their campus which would soon become known worldwide: "UCLA Stein Eye Institute."
The UCLA Stein Eye Institute is a world-class institution that was founded in 1966 by two visionary doctors, Jules Stein and Bradley Straatsma. The goal? To prevent blindness through comprehensive programs for patient care as well vision science research with education training of the next generation physicians all over southern California to ensure eye health outreach locally or globally if needed!
Eye care centre based in East Delhi offers comprehensive eye-care, diagnosing and treating all anterior and posterior segment diseases of the eyes. The center's staff specializes in cataract treatment as well as a variety of corneal problems such as diabetic retinopathy, refractive diseases or blindness due to other causes like congenital defects.
The Laser Refractive Center is the premier location for vision correction in Southern California. With access to superior technology and a friendly environment, patients will be able to achieve greater than 20/20 vision without any hassle or fuss. The center has been operating since 1995 with thousands of satisfied customers under their belt; it's no wonder they're so confident that you'll be happy too!
Dr. Soroudi is a board-certified, subspecialty trained Ophthalmologist who specializes exclusively in Advanced Vision Corrective Surgery and Eyelid Plastic surgery. Having performed over 20,000 successful eye surgeries to date Dr. Soroudi is recognized as one of the most experienced surgeons worldwide with extensive experience in his fields of specialty having personally performed well over 20,000 operations himself so far!
Our optometric practice has been in the same area for over 35 years, and we've seen many people come and go. One of our goals is to provide personalized care that suits your needs - whether you need a new pair of glasses or are looking into refractive surgery. We work with patients who have high expectations while using advanced technology.
Hollywood Vision Center has a keen eye for fashion and they have been able to combine this with their love of family-oriented business. They invest in the best products and services that are available, so you can enjoy personalized eyecare at your convenience!
Dr. Jilber Fouladian founded Westwood Eye Center over 15 years ago in 2003 and since then our practice has quickly grown! We opened a new office in Glendale (Montrose) back 2013, which was remodeled 2015. Our original location is now fully renovated for patients to have the best experience possible with us!