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List of the Top Dog Trainers in Austin

At Dog School Austin we help train dogs how act as perfect companions while gaining skills like obedience or agility. They provide plenty of opportunities such as classes where students learn how be attentive animals by learning tricks, sitting on command, walking without pulling on leash etc., puppy playgroups where puppies are socialized together; group session called

Sit Means Sit Austin and South Austin can help with your dog’s behavior problems! When you’re tired of them running away, fighting other dogs, chewing furniture or soiling carpets they are ready to learn how sit. We offer on-leash obedience training that will result in happy confident obedient pets as well as satisfied owners.

Dog Training Elite Austin believes their dogs are saving lives, and they’re not kidding. The organization is committed to training the next generation of service animals for Military Veterans suffering from PTSD or mobility issues in order to provide them with a canine partner that will heal wounds both mental and physical.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training is a company with over 25 years of experience in training animals. They provide professional services to Austin and the surrounding areas, specializing in private lessons for puppies through senior dogs as well as board-and-train programs that teach your dog how not just sit but obey basic commands such as staying off furniture or going potty outside only.

Donovan Miller, Austin dog trainer of Fidelio Dog Works since June 2018. Donovan spent much of his life working with dogs as he grew up in a family business training them for an invisible fence company. He has now taken over the reigns from Stephen Haynes to continue providing high quality board and train programs out of their home or yours!

Suburban K9 is the premier dog training company in the country, offering custom programs to fit you and your pet’s needs. Our proven methodologies lead to results no matter what age, temperament or habits of your pup are. We have a highly-trained head trainer who appeared on Animal Planet which has led clients from around the nation trusting us with their pets’ behaviors.

At Good Dog Training, we tailor our lessons to you and your dog. Our approach is diverse enough that it can meet any need – whether it’s just one lesson or more sessions for skills building or going to the next level of training. We’re always here with you!

At Naked Dog, we believe that all dogs can be trained and understand language. We utilize a relationship-based approach to dog training because it is different than other schools out there. Our philosophy is based on understanding how dogs interact with each other so our trainers are able to communicate in their native tongue–dog!

Lyndon B. Johnson’s dogs, Her and Him were our first inspiration for the name of an Austin-based company that is husband and wife owned with two beloved rescue puppies – Argus and Lakshmi. We felt a connection to Lyndon as we are also both dog lovers who experienced early struggles in life before finding success together through hard work, creativity, love for one another and loyalty towards family friends alike.

The Sport Dog Society of Austin is a group for dog owners who are looking to provide their very active canines with the lifelong skills needed. The society was founded in 2019 by Luke Hutson, and has since then been providing urban dog-owners with adaptive training techniques that are simple yet extremely effective!

At Austin Dog Zone, we love dogs and believe they deserve the same type of attention that our human counterparts receive. We want to give you a rewarding relationship with your pet by teaching them how to behave in certain situations while also respecting their needs so that you can trust each other like family.

K9 Kenny, a dog behavior expert and trainer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will help you with your problem-dog. He can train him in basic obedience skills as well as advanced tricks. Stop worrying about what to do – just call K9 Kenny today!

Train my Dogs is committed to providing customers access all inclusive services that are tailored specifically towards them – they do this by offering daycare, overnights where pets stay at their residence rather than kenneled up long term as well as outings for more extensive group socialization sessions outside pet owners’ homes so they don’t

Beyond the Dog’s goal is to help dogs and their families live together in harmony. To do this, they offer training for people with new dog companions as well as other behavior tips that will lead to a more calm and peaceful home environment. Beyond The Dog has two co-founders who are both certified animal experts: Dr., Kristyn Echterling-Savage (CAAB) and Sean Savage(CDBC).

Karma Dog Training, established in 2004 by Stacey Smith-Triglia and Melissa Caldwell, has the sole intention to teach our clients how to come from the highest perspective while raising their dogs using 100% positive techniques endorsed by major animal advocacy organizations.

Zoom Room is a place where you and your dog work together to have new skills! Whether it’s teaching them how to sit, stay or eat their food out of the bowl. It doesn’t only stop there either; Zoom room also teaches dogs not be afraid around other people by shaking hands with each person as they enter.

We’re a dog care center that specializes in the daily needs of your pup. Our indoor kennels are climate controlled and spacious, designed to make even our biggest canine friends feel comfy! We have 8 outdoor play yards where pups can run around with other dogs or just hang out by themselves if they please – all day long!

Kim Roche is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant in Austin, TX. For two decades she has been helping every dog lover discover the joy of having relaxed and attentive dogs with strong relationships by teaching clear communication skills that create better understanding between humans and their canine companions who are left at home while they go to work or school during the day.