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Zoom Room is a place where you and your dog work together to have new skills! Whether it's teaching them how to sit, stay or eat their food out of the bowl. It doesn't only stop there either; Zoom room also teaches dogs not be afraid around other people by shaking hands with each person as they enter.

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We take our five month old puppy every Saturday as a family. The Zoom Room Culver city trainers and employees are helpful and considerate. We love that she is learning how to be a good dog, who does well with dogs and people. Looking forward to trying Agility and more obedience classes with our new dog.


alec myers


Friendly trainers and staff, and the classes engage my pup. Convenient location, and love that you can pick a schedule that works for you, and that the classes are kept smaller so the trainers can help individuals. Want to try renting out the space to practice Agility, bc sometimes I wish there were more time to do each trick!


Allison D


We've been taking our puppy to the Zoom Room for Puppy Preschool for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! She already knows several commands and has gained a ton of confidence. Since she's not fully vaccinated yet and can't go out on walks, this time interacting with other pups and other people has been crucial for both her development and getting that puppy energy out. I can't recommend this place enough!


Amber Ike


My dog Kiki really needed obedience training and she is getting a lot better!


Amelia Jones


Zoom Room is fantastic! We brought our 85 pound dog because we wanted to do something new and exciting for him! We first thought we would only take him to agility class but now we are doing both agility and obedience classes! We really enjoy going every week. It is nice because the classes are late during the week and they have many options for the weekends as well! It is in a good location. My dog has learned a lot and is more confident now.


Ana Cuffia


Very fun And professional way of teaching owners to be better handlers! Can


Andi Ulloa


My wife and I highly recommend the zoom room in Culver City.


Andrew R


I take my dog to their agility group classes and my dog loves it. The trainer is very knowledgeable. You get detailed instructions on how to approach the obstacle the first time and assist as needed. They take the time to make sure every dog is comfortable and knows what to do before moving on to the next challenge. The classes are small enough so you get to do plenty of repetitions and obstacles each class. They really want you and your dog to be successful and have fun.


Anissa Di Vincente


We have had such a fantastic experience at Zoom Room doing Obedience 1 and Agility 1 with our 11 month old puppy. The classes are brilliantly structured to make sure the dogs are busy learning but having fun too. No two lessons are the same so there's no boredom or predictability. The hour flies by and before you know it your dog is mastering the skills. We'll definitely be carrying on to the higher levels.


Annabel Carlton


I've been taking my 5month old puppy to Zoom Room and I absolutely love it. Patrick is a phenomenal instructor; he's patient and so knowledgeable. Diego is great and provides a lot of guidance as well. They offer great techniques in their obedience and agility programs. I highly recommend.


Annie Luber