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List of the Top Counselor in Chicago

Concentric Counseling & Consulting is the place to go when you need someone who can walk with you through your entire journey, from the first time that you reach out for help. They pride themselves on learning about and meeting all of your needs as they join in during this process, tailoring their services so they meet each client where he or she may be along life’s way.

Couples Counseling Chicago believes that when two people make the active choice to enter couples therapy, they are making one of the most important and healthiest decisions in their lives. In this way, we promote a strength based approach focused on what is going right with relationships instead of only focusing on problems after years of neglect or hurtful communication patterns have already set into place.

Lincoln Park Therapy Group opened in 2012, quickly becoming Chicago’s premiere therapy center specializing in anxiety, depression and difficult life transitions. If you or your teen is struggling to cope with a significant life event– the loss of a job; breaking up from a relationship; going through college transition after graduation we are here for you!

Pinnacle Counseling is a group practice that offers psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and families in the downtown Chicago area. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment where clients can explore their challenges with us as they break old patterns and move forward at the speed of change.

Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago was founded in 2001 and serve a diverse group of individuals, couples and families. They offer specialized treatment including individual therapy to help people with mental health issues as well as couple’s counseling for troubled relationships or those who are just looking to improve their communication skills.

2nd Story Counseling in Chicago offers result-oriented counseling to individuals and couples. We are committed to your personal, professional, and emotional growth. 2nd story counselors will be there for you through tough times with anxiety or depression or body image issues no matter what they’re related too!

Symmetry Counseling is always on the lookout for experienced clinicians with a PsyD, PhD, LMFT LCPC and LCSW. If you are looking to start your career as a mental health counselor in an established practice where everyone works together collaboratively then send us your resume!

Beverly Therapists act of seeking help can be both humbling and freeing. It is by acknowledging our imperfections, problems and desires that we begin a journey to discovering hope for possibilities in life. It’s through acknowledging imperfections, problems, and desires that we begin seeking help on our journey of discovering the path to possibilities with hope.

The Center for Personal Development team is a group of Chicago therapists committed to the psychological wellness and growth of our clients. We focus on helping people clarify their goals and expand their way of thinking so they can handle previously overwhelming problems or difficulties in life by providing them with the space, and guidance needed to grow as an individual at any stage during this process.