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The Center for Personal Development team is a group of Chicago therapists committed to the psychological wellness and growth of our clients. We focus on helping people clarify their goals and expand their way of thinking so they can handle previously overwhelming problems or difficulties in life by providing them with the space, and guidance needed to grow as an individual at any stage during this process.

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The strength of The Center for Personal Development lies in the quality of therapists on staff. They are knowledgeable, accessible and focused on providing clients with the insight they need to effect real change. This is where you want to be.


Andrew Moran


Personal Development. I couldn't be happier. He helped me work through my breakup and gave me great insight into issues. I ended up in a much happier relationship (and a better job). If you are afraid of therapy or have preconceived notions about what therapy be like, go see him. His style is so engaging and he is easy to talk to. I have seen a few therapists in the past and Dr. Nakisher is by far the best.


Brian Smithe


I highly recommend the Center based on its worldclass personnel, variety of services, and steadfast dedication to positive results.


Bryce Homyk


This place has genuinely changed my life. Cpd came recommended to me by my psychiatrist. She said that Cpd was able to provide her with one of the most thorough evaluations of a patient she has ever seen. In an effort to prevent over prescribing, she suggested I get an eval so that I may achieve a diagnosis, allowing her to prescribe more accurately. I'm the kind of person who wants to be proactive. I've had my Dna analyzed. I was thrilled to find a deep dive was on the table. Since then, every interaction with Cpd has been professional and warm. They have grown into the mental health mothership in my life. My therapist is positively incredible. She seems to be emerging in her career, and has provided me the support I've needed to make it this far in the most trying time of my life. (when else do you see your therapist?) She is wise beyond her years, and her intuition is unparalleled. At first, you may be startled by how she is able to pull thoughts from you you didn't realize you were having while you're having them; it really is uncanny. She is willing to earn your trust, and if you're willing to give it, you'll find the protector you might need to take the next step in relieving the protector in your mind of duty for long enough to heal. If this sounds like a good fit for you, feel free to give my name when you set up a consultation and see if she has any availability. You'd be lucky to have her. As for Cpd, I struggle to imagine there is a better, more (com)passionate place to find assistance in your recovery.




Therapists are genuine, easy to talk to and accessible.


Heather Treat


Dr. Nakisher helped me understand myself and make choices in my life that are paying off. I tried a other therapists but I have never met someone as practical and insightful as Dr. Nakisher. He helped me put self awareness into action.


Jason Green


The Center for Personal Development has been a lifesaver. My husband works with Dr. Nakisher and we do couple's therapy with Annabeth Chickering. My husband is new man and finally can listen to me and make me feel seen and heard. Our communication and relationship has improved so much since therapy.


Jessie G


Dr. Steven Nakisher from the Center for Personal Development is a highly experienced clinical professional who has great success in helping transform the lives of those with whom he works. Best listener. Incredibly empathic and I recommend him for anyone seeking results in your daytoday life. Amazing.




Unlike any therapy I have had in the past. Dr. Nakisher has been great in helping me find my voice and make lasting change. I learned the hard way that not all therapists are created equally.


Linda Swank


Dr. Nakisher is really great at what he does. I always feel like I've made progress during our sessions, or have found a different perspective to a problem. It feels easy to talk to him. I'm so glad I found him for therapy when I did.


Mateo W