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List of the Top Debt Collection Agency in Los Angeles

JMH & Associates, a California Corporation that specializes in the collection of past due invoices with experience in both accounting and construction industries. We have substantial consumer debt collection expertise as well but our specialty is collecting large balance debts from businesses (also known as commercial collections).

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We offer a wide-range of collection services, all designed to help your business reach its potential. We use state of the art industry tools and software that are specially developed for you whether you’re looking to collect a small amount or large multi-million dollar bill. Our collections service is best in the business – we want our customers always taken care of!

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Collecting unpaid invoices is a tricky process, but our Los Angeles collection specialists are trained to think outside the box and get you on your way. We provide unmatched service for everything from simple invoice disputes to confusing legal proceedings while guaranteeing no one will work as hard as we do!

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Established in 2000, Allied Collection Services of California began as one of America

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Benjamin, Chaise & Associates is a nationwide debt collection agency that specializes in helping business owners like you recoup your past due accounts. With extensive knowledge of the industry and years of experience under their belt as one of the most reputable small businesses around, Benjamin will be hard to beat when considering who would best fit this job for you!

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Collection Consultants of California (CCOC) was founded in 1986. President and CEO Matt Logan joined the company in 1987. Under his leadership, CCOC has grown from a small business to become one of America’s most respected accounts receivable management firms for mid-sized businesses across the country!

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Is hiring a debt collection agency worth it?
  2. How to choose a debt collection agency
  3. How much do debt collection agencies charge?
  4. Can Debt collection agencies go after families?
  5. What does a debt collection agency do?
Is hiring a debt collection agency worth it?

If you have debts from a customer you no longer want to have any dealings with or you just simply can’t find the customer, then hiring a debt collection agency would be the right decision for you as these agencies make use of good practices to represent you and get you what you are owed.

How to choose a debt collection agency

First up is to ask for referrals from individuals who you know have previously used a debt collection agency. You can also check online for research concerning debt collection agencies. Next is to check their website and online presence. Also, check to see if you can find reviews. You can also look for their Better Business Bureau record and rating. Schedule a meeting or interview and ask whatever questions you need to ask including the price for their service. Then go on to select the best option for you.

How much do debt collection agencies charge?

Most debt collection agencies will only collect payment after they have successfully tracked down the debtor and gotten the owed amount back. However, they agree to a percentage that will be paid upon collection of debt even before they have started work. Generally, debt collection agencies charge between 20 to 50% of the total amount collected per person.

Can Debt collection agencies go after families?

Yes, they can. If they cannot reach the debtor after trying, one easy way they can try to reach the delinquent borrower is through their family members. And while they cannot arrest or attack or assault the family members or even the debtor, they can reach out to them to get the information they need regarding the person who has not paid what they owe.

What does a debt collection agency do?

A debt collection agency helps individuals to collect debts from delinquent borrowers. They simply help you pursue your debts and make sure they are paid to get a percentage of the money. They employ debt collectors who will try to contact debtors and convince them to pay up. When they can’t reach the debtors through the contact information provided by their client, they can go further to use probate investigators and other ways to get the person.