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LAST UPDATED 6 Dec, 2021
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List of the Top Calligraphy Lesson in Los Angeles

Leslie is a Southern California native and UCLA graduate who has always had an interest in anything creative. She first discovered the elegant beauty of calligraphy while planning her wedding back in 2014, when she started following beautiful lettering on Instagram to help with ideas for invitations – which then evolved into all types of lettering.

Letter & Ink is a design studio based in Los Angeles, CA. We believe that fresh and timeless designs should involve beautifully-crafted typography with the finest materials available. Our eco-friendly considerations are made to benefit those who share our values of equality no matter their skin color, ethnic background or country of origin; sexual orientation; gender identity…

My name is Claudia and I’m the calligrapher behind shescloudy. I love that my (then) boyfriend invited me to take a Copperplate calligraphy class with him because it’s changed my life! After just one class, I was hooked on this unique art form – which has since led me down an unexpected career path as well.

Los Angeles

An innovative, beautiful and soulful woman named Wanda Wen founded Soolip in order to provide the world with much-needed luxury. The brand provides fine stationery as well as luxurious paper for those who want a finer touch on life’s pleasures. Celebrities look up to this company because of its cutting edge designs that are found nowhere else but at Soolip!

Anne Robin Calligraphy + Design is a lettering and design studio based in Los Angeles, focusing on luxurious calligraphy that embodies the modern edge of California. Anne first learned broad-pen calligraphy at age 9 when her mom forced her to take an after-school class.

Japanese culture is a beautiful and interesting one to study. It’s well worth it! Why not take your Japanese language skills to the next level with art, calligraphy, or even just for fun? Check out these top-rated schools in Los Angeles that specialize in teaching all things Japan.

Gilbert’s Lettering offers a wide variety of customized products to meet your needs and find the perfect gift. Gilbert