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An innovative, beautiful and soulful woman named Wanda Wen founded Soolip in order to provide the world with much-needed luxury. The brand provides fine stationery as well as luxurious paper for those who want a finer touch on life's pleasures. Celebrities look up to this company because of its cutting edge designs that are found nowhere else but at Soolip!

Los Angeles,ca
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5 Reviews

what a cute little gem. Stationary that is unique. With the coolest people that work there. Frank, Wanda, Lina always helpful. Special orders done and always open to customers input and needs. Its hidden so don't blink you'll miss it. I'm adding a few pictures of this spot. Highly recommend.


jess magana


The best of everything in a Paperie. Wanda also consults on corporate stationary and packaging needs, as well wedding consulting (Soolip Wedding).


Jim Woodward


Wanda and her team are outstanding. Beautiful store, lovely ambiance, very high vibe. Go visityou


Jsl Creatives


I spoke with Laura on the phone and she was not helpful at all! Very condescending. I am calling on my supervisors behalf at Cbs as we were notified of a recent death. We were looking to make a fast but sincere purchase and I hoped Soolip would be the perfect store for that. Laura put a bad taste in my mouth where I'd rather keep looking for a store that carries 6x 8 cards. She needs training on customer service. Didn't ask to speak to a manager because it's not necessary. Just wish I got someone with a little more compassion. Laura, grow up and try and be a bit more helpful. You could've had us as a long time customer. tisk tisk


Kristian Franklin


The Best for gift wrapping in los angeles the most beautiful paper, the most attention to detail, the kindest and most helpful staff. Truly in love with this little shop


Samantha Berendt