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LAST UPDATED 20 Jun, 2024
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List of the Top Birth Center in Los Angeles

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There are few places in the world that can compare to The BirthPlace, Westwood. This modern maternity center is located at one of Southern California's top hospitals and offers a wide range of personalized services for your birthing experience. From professional healthcare professionals to state-of-the-art technology - this place knows what it takes to make you feel comfortable during labor!
Bini Birth is a labor and delivery educator in Los Angeles that has been setting the standard for 17 years. They are trusted by doctors, hospitals, birth professionals - all over this city! With their combination of science-backed information with field practice they create an environment where families can learn from one another without judgement or shame about what you're going through during your pregnancy journey
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 Los Angeles
I have been helping out at births for as long as I can remember and it's always filled me with a sense of awe. After the first time that happened, everything changed; there were so many intricate details involved in labor which made up this beautiful process--the way mothers responded to their bodies during pregnancy or chronic illness... Everything just comes together beautifully when you're Birthing!
Our focus is maternal-infant health promotion. Our mission to promote awareness, access and availability of professional Doula support for the benefits it provides in childbirth along with training programs that certify both Breastfeeding Peer Counselors as well as Community Midwives who provide compassionate care throughout pregnancy until just after baby

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We are here to make the process as easy and smooth for you. Your baby will get picked up by a trained nurse, who has received personal one on one training from Placenta Encapsulation Services & Training USA! Once they have processed it in their clean workspace we'll bring back all of those wonderful benefits that come with delivering at home or hospital birth.
At GraceFull, we're the opposite of forms and bureaucracy. We respect your vision for your birth from day one - so if you want to have a baby at home with just family in attendance or up on our birthing center's rooftop deck overlooking Boston, there are options that will make this happen!
Birth is sacred. It's not just about giving birth to a baby; it's the start of parenthood and an initiation into motherhood that most women don't get to experience in this culture, so we offer all kinds of services with our focus on birthing naturally while exploring other options when necessary as well.
Pure Births is a certified birth center in the process of becoming accredited. The goal for Pure Births from the start has been to provide quality care, education and support to every woman who comes through our doors looking for holistic advice.