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There are few places in the world that can compare to The BirthPlace, Westwood. This modern maternity center is located at one of Southern California's top hospitals and offers a wide range of personalized services for your birthing experience. From professional healthcare professionals to state-of-the-art technology - this place knows what it takes to make you feel comfortable during labor!

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3 Reviews

Like many first time moms, I felt an enormous amount of anxiety over where and how I wold give birth. For months, I went back and forth on whether i wanted to give birth at home or in a hospital. I interviewed doctors, midwives, doulas, etc., and spent a good amount of time exploring various options. But every time, I found I felt the most supported by Dr. Aparna Sridhar at Ucla Westwood. Every question I had, she took her time in answering (even when I asked it three times). And whether my questions had to do with environment, interventions, philosophies, or practices, time and time again I was impressed by UCLA's stance. To me, they seemed to follow an evidencebased approach that balanced the health and safety of the baby with the comfortexperience of the mom. Even still, I wasn't sure how things would pan out when I actually checked into the hospital... It's now been two weeks since the birth of my daughter, and every day I've felt grateful for the experience I had at Ucla Westwood. From the care provided by the labordelivery nurses (in particular, a huge thank you to April for her compassion and keeping me centeredpresent throughout my labor) to the importance placed on my birth intentionsplan to the incredible care provided by Dr. Sridhar, and finally, the resources and support provided by the nurses postpartum (in particular, a huge thank you to Jossalynn for her guidance around nursing and postpartum life as a whole), there is nothing we would change about our daughter's entry into this world.


Alexandra Ostrow


Daughter was born here.


Drake Allen


Such a horrific and traumatic experience giving birth here. I thought Ucla was a respected hospital and that made me feel safe but 3 years later I am still recovering from the awful treatment on every level.


Mina Garcia