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LAST UPDATED 20 Jan, 2022
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List of the Top Real Estate Surveyor in Dallas

At Sands Surveying Corporation, we have a broad range of the activities that involve the physical measurement and the creation of maps using existing or acquired data. We will perform any & all tasks involving land areas in order to increase our efficiency with clients.

Skyline Realty is a company that has been in existence since the late 1800s, and they’re still going strong. They provide services for both residential or commercial properties with an impressive track record of success! With such vast experience you can rest assured knowing your needs will be met by these professionals no matter what those may entail.

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Survey Works Land Surveying is a Dallas company that specializes in providing land surveying services. They are known for their fast, friendly service and high-quality workmanship. The Survey Works Land Surveying Company announced today on January 7th 2017 they will be opening new office locations across the country to help people find them easier when looking for reliable surveyors.

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Texas Heritage Surveying has over 35 years of experience in serving customers. Some people may know them as a company that serves realtors, but they actually work with any client who needs their service! With two decades of knowledge and dedication to the customer’s best interests we can help anyone find what they’re looking for.

ULR Properties has a proven track record of successfully marketing and selling homes in Dallas, Texas. ULR’s primary expertise is identifying hot properties to fit any need or budget–from downtown lofts perfect for singles on the go-go life style down to country charm with large lots close enough that you can still get your hands into some gardening!

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Real Dallas Properties is the only real estate company in town that offers a range of services with an experienced team. They can assist you from start to finish, including negotiating on your behalf when necessary! If it’s time for something new or if someone wants more information about how they work – just give one our agents!

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Rhodes Surveying pursues a mission to grow our small family business through ownership, loyalty, innovation and accuracy by using the advanced technology with the dedication to the providing fast and the superior Professional Land Surveying Services for both residential and commercial properties throughout D F W!

Founded in 1994, SAM LLC has grown to become one of the largest providers for geospatial data solutions and construction phase services. The company offers professional land surveying along with airborne-mobile/terrestrial LiDAR, geographic information systems (GIS), sub surface utility engineering(SUE) ,utility coordination Building Information Modeling(BIM) aerial mapping photogrammery among other things that are needed when designing or planning out any project.