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At Dr. Randy Crim has been in private practice with Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists (TCRS) since 1990 and continues to serve as clinical assistant professor at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, where he also mentors students looking for an internship or residency position.

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Dr. Gregorcyk is one of the nation’s leading colon and rectal surgeons, who has served as an Associate Professor at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He has been involved in research for over 20 years on topics including fecal incontinence surgery to treat a variety or Anorectal diseases such as carcinoma anal!

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TCRS has been recognized as one of the top colon practices in Texas, providing unmatched care for patients. Our North Texas-based physicians are highly qualified and certified by ABRCS

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Texas Colon and Rectal Specialists (TCRS) are excited to announce that they have joined the new colorectal specialty division of Texas Oncology. TCRS physicians will work closely with their peers at this practice, who share a commitment both in providing patient-centered care as well as compassionately listening when it’s needed most; just like them!

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Dr. Hurley gained his initial experience in general surgery as a missionary surgeon, but he quickly became so passionate about the field that after finishing residency and returning home to America from West Africa he focused entirely on colorectal diseases during fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic – completing it with honors in 1999.

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Katerina Wells, MD is a highly experienced and well-respected practitioner of colon and rectal medicine. She’s treated patients with pelvic floor disorders such as constipation or incontinence for years; she has also created customized treatment plans to help IBD sufferers live more comfortably by working closely alongside gastroenterologists in tandem during the process.

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Dr. Philip Huber, MD is a Colorectal Surgery Specialist in Dallas and he has indicated that he can take telehealth appointments for new patients at his practice North Central Surgical Center or Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-Dallas . Be sure to call ahead with Dr.Hubert if you’re interested!

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. What is the difference between a proctologist and a gastroenterologist?
  2. How to choose a proctologist
  3. How painful is a proctoscope?
  4. How long does a proctoscopy take?
  5. What does a proctologist do?
What is the difference between a proctologist and a gastroenterologist?

While both professionals are known to work closely to ensure appropriate care and the best treatment for the patient, one is able to perform surgery while the other cannot. A gastroenterologist does not perform surgeries while proctologists are surgical specialists.

How to choose a proctologist

The first thing to consider is experience and expertise. You are better served when you have a licensed and more experienced proctologist who can understand your problem and also proffer solutions. Also, you should ensure they make use of advanced technology as that will go to show that they are up to date in their profession. You can then ask questions and get to know the proctologist more. Look to see if they have a conservative treatment approach too. If you feel comfortable with all you know, then proceed to hire the proctologist.

How painful is a proctoscope?

The proctoscopy test is usually done with small tools. You might experience some cramping and also possibly an incredible urge to empty your bowels but aside from that, there are no other issues with the test. The procedure shouldn’t be painful and should be completed between 5 to 15 minutes.

How long does a proctoscopy take?

The duration of a proctoscopy usually varies. However, it generally takes between 5 and 15 minutes to take a proctoscopy test.

What does a proctologist do?

A proctologist is simply a medical professional who focuses on dealing with disorders associated with the colon, rectum, and anus. They are usually surgical specialists who can perform surgery for patients with any of the issues stated above.