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List of the Top Pet Boarding Service in Dallas

Dallas Dog & Cat Veterinary Services in the Dallas, Texas is a full service animal hospital that provides the veterinary services such as the overnight boarding, pet adoption and grooming. We also provide doggy daycare for your furry friend to run around with their pals!

Paradise 4 Paws is a five-star resort for pets in Dallas and Fort Worth. Paradise 4 Paws offers boarding, grooming, daycare, and training services to make sure that your dog or cat has the most wonderful stay possible. Paradise 4 Paws is an upscale pet resort with luxurious amenities designed to provide comfort while you’re away on vacation at work all of sudden this week!

Dog City is a locally owned dog oasis. Come visit us at our new state-of-the art facility and experience for yourself how we are dedicated to keeping your pup safe, healthy! We offer services that range from daily walks day care up through overnight boarding which gives you ultimate peace of mind knowing they’re in good hands whether it be during business hours or after work hours so stop by today!

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Paw Lofts is the newest and most luxurious, all-suite pet resort. Conveniently located in several locations across the country, our resorts are filled with everything your pet could ever want! From luxury suites to delicious gourmet meals prepared by certified chefs; Paw Lofts has it all for you four legged family member! So what are you waiting for?

The Dog House on the Trail is a one stop shop for your dog. We offer daycare, boarding and grooming all in our completely cage free facility with several indoor playrooms to keep them entertained between activities! A large back yard makes it easy to enjoy some fresh air while you’re here too – so don’t forget about us when moving around town has started getting stressful!

Doggie Den Dallas is the perfect place for leaving your pup when you need to go away. We have 20 years of experience in dog boarding and care, so we understand what makes dogs happy! When it comes time for doggie daycare or overnight pet lodging accommodations, our award-winning facility will ensure that they are safe and comfortable!

At Ruffit by CityVet

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Doggie’s Wonderland Plano

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Smart Dog Dallas is a doggie nirvana located in the heart of downtown, between Historic Oak Cliff and Dealey Plaza. This custom facility offers lots for your pup to enjoy – from dog treats made by their owner Alice (the best around!)to friendly service with an emphasis on safety!

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Camp Bow Wow is the perfect place for parents who want to take care of their dog while they’re away. We offer numerous hours with friends, lots of love from our staff and more! If your pup needs some time at home or just an overnight stay then come enjoy us today – we would be happy (and so would he!)

At Dog’s Day Out, we provide a safe and clean environment for your canine companions. Our spa offers daycare so you can come see them while away on business or vacation without having to worry about leaving feathered friends behind – because it’ll be taken care of from nail trims surgery appointments diets special needs blood tests anything they may need!

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The Pooch Patio is the go-to destination for all your pooches’ needs. From pack play daycare and professional grooming, we offer kennels with suites to boarding service at our own little boutique hotel – The Dog Bakery! Come see us in person or come by if you just need a quick pick me up on payday!

Barking Hound Village is the ultimate Texas luxury dog hotel offering daycare and boarding. This warm country home away from home will make any four-legged visitor feel right at ease as they relax in one our many playrooms while waiting for their next adventure – whether its during training classes led by some very friendly instructors (can’t beat those prices!)!

Downtown Dog is just blocks from downtown, but to the pups who come here it’s a world all its own. A tree-lined city block filled with yards to romp in and pools for splashing around! Daycare starts at only $12 per day or boarding will be an additional 10 dollars every night so pack up your pup and let’s play!!!

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Underdog Kennels is the perfect place for dogs and their owners in need of a break! We offer safe overnight boarding, daycare services that will keep your pup entertained all daylong with fun activities like games or treats from our grooming studio. Underdog Kennels is a company that provides overnight dog boarding and daycare services in the Dallas area.

At Boarding Bungalow is a family-owned and operated pet boarding facility that ensures the safety of your animals. With two convenient locations in North Dallas, we provide Addison with the very best accommodations for you furry friends through our playful yet extremely safe environment!

Kinder Kritter is an established name in the pet care industry. For over 12 years, our professionals have been providing outstanding dog grooming and boarding services to all kinds of canines companions that are looking for a safe place while their owner travels or works!

Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask a pet boarding facility
  2. Is pet boarding worth it?
  3. How much does pet boarding service costs?
  4. What is the difference between pet boarding and pet sitting?
  5. What is a pet boarding service?
Questions to ask a pet boarding facility

Here are questions you can ask a pet boarding facility;
● How trained are the staff members?
● How far in advance do I need to book?
● What vaccinations do you require?
● How are the pets housed?
● How often are the pets taken out?
● Can you accommodate pets with special needs?
● Do staff members play with the pets?
● Will my pet get access to its regular food?

Is pet boarding worth it?

Asides from the fact that it provides a good option to take your pets to when you’re not around as they’ll get adequate care from staff members at the pet boarding facility, it also helps your dog socialize with other pets and learn how to be social generally.

How much does pet boarding service costs?

The cost of pet boarding ranges from place to place. However, the average cost of pet boarding per day is between $15 and $35. Per night, the price is between $25 to $60. For a whole week, you can expect to pay between $150 and $180. These prices could however go up depending on packages available and what you want.

What is the difference between pet boarding and pet sitting?

Pet Boarding involves taking your pet to a place where they can get adequate care, more like a hotel except with only for pets. On the other hand, pet sitting is having someone come into your home to take care of your pet while you’re not around.

What is a pet boarding service?

Pet Boarding services involve offers aimed at helping pet owners lodge their pets to a place where they can be taken care of. They are sometimes referred to as pet hotels. They are like a hotel where pets can stay. They can either be in form of a traditional pet style place or a more modern free-roaming hotel