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LAST UPDATED 16 Jan, 2022
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List of the Top Estate Planning Attorney in Dallas

At Caldwell, Bennett & Thomas PLLC we understand how important it is for people to have a lawyer they can trust. Our goal in representing you will always be the same: ensuring that your needs come first so our clients are confident about their decisions and moving forward with confidence!

Parvin Law Group has been serving the Dallas area for over 20 years. With a team of experienced lawyers practicing in various fields, they offer concierge service that will make your life easier with legal guidance tailored specifically to meet all of your needs! Finally an attorney who understands what you’re going through and wants nothing more than-help provide peace-of mind during this difficult time.

Kreig Mitchell LLC is a Texas law firm comprised of experienced, well-trained attorneys that pride themselves on using creative thinking and carefully crafted legal actions. A probate lawyer will protect your interests in trust, estate or conservatorship administration as well any necessary litigation for guardianships.

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Pyke & Associates, P.C.: Dallas’ premier consulting firm takes the time to get know their clients and provide them with personalized service that is tailored specifically for YOU! Mentioning: Pyke will always treat people like family because we believe in treating our employees as well so they can perform at peak ability every day

The Duran Firm is a Dallas probate, wills and guardianship law firm with extensive experience in the areas of Probate without a will to more complicated cases involving trusts or estates. One thing that our team at The Duran has noticed over time is how some people can’t afford an attorney but still need legal guidance for their special situation!

At Staubus & Randall LLP, we have attorneys who are selected to the Super Lawyers or Rising Stars lists. We offer a variety of services including: A personal injury claim for you; Real estate transactions such as landlord tenant relationships and purchase agreements Negotiation on contract terms like payoff amounts Mediation in family law cases Collaboration with other professionals when needed!

GPM provides a full range of legal services, including business transactions and litigation with attorneys who practice in family law. Our offices are located on the Quorum Business Park off Dallas North Tollway (DNT) south of Beltline Road – just make sure you call them for all your needs!

The Ashmore Law Firm has been providing legal services to Dallas residents for over 25 years. Our experienced attorneys offer the highest quality service and will provide you with an attorney that best suits your needs, whether it be criminal defense or family law matters!

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Herrin Law is a team of lawyers and 5 paralegals dedicated to providing the best possible legal experience for their clients. They achieve this through exceptional customer service, producing high quality products in the industry, focusing on estate planning, debt relief & asset protection law with an emphasis on business litigation cases.

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The Fetty Firm, P.C., handles legal matters involving divorce and family law in Colleyville & Fort Worth Texas such as custody arrangements for children or property division after a breakup with an ex-spouse; we also provide support through spousal payments (child support) if you need them!

Atrium Legal Group understands that each person is unique and has their own set of needs. Our belief in the importance for you to receive personalized estate planning services means we work closely with our clients, taking into consideration all aspects about them as well as what’s best suited just for them specifically!

The Law Offices of Brian Hill PLLC is your local probate, estate planning and guardianship law firm. We have helped countless people by providing legal guidance on how they can best prepare their property for the future while also caring for loved ones in need. You don’t want to risk overlooking any important details when it comes time tell family members about a death or disposing!

The Law Offices of David L. Leon has practiced for more than 20 years in Texas. His firm, although it is small, provides a variety of services and offers all the necessary expertise to handle any legal issue you may face – from divorce proceedings or right down to driving under suspicion!

The Law Offices of Dan Martens is a Dallas-based law firm which offers experienced legal guidance to Texas residents facing various disputes. If you need assistance in any one these areas please don’t hesitate contact us for more information on how we can assist – You’ll regularly see attorneys from both negotiation or trial proceedings when working closely alongside them.

McNair Dallas Law, LLC is a Phoenix-based law firm that strives to provide the highest quality legal representation in all areas. We have a team of dedicated attorneys with extensive experience and knowledge about our community so we can give you unparalleled service at an affordable price point!

Wilson Legal Group P.C., a law firm committed to excellence in client service since 1930, provides outstanding legal counsel every day for entrepreneurs and small businesses of any size along with Fortune 500 companies alike. We are wholly dedicated to delivering quality work at an affordable price without sacrificing efficiency or responsiveness so you don’t have worry about your case being overlooked!

Atwood & McCall, PLLC is committed to protecting what matters most. We understand that you’ve worked hard for your life and future family

Michael B Cohen & Associates is a world renowned law firm. The company’s reputation for success in various fields has made it the go-to place to handle cases from Personal Injury Attorney, Business Lawyer and even Intellectual Property Rights Management across countries such as Dubai UAE where I am currently based out of right now!

At the Weeks Law Firm, we have been providing exceptional guidance to all of our clients in estate planning and guardianship matters since 1998. Attorney Tresi Moore is recognized as an expert on these topics who often speaks at conferences about how families with children can best protect their loved ones’ future needs or wants if something were everfall against them.