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LAST UPDATED 18 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Employment Attorney in Dallas

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The Kilgore & Kilgore Pllc is a law firm in Dallas providing wise guidance for over 70 years to the people of Texas with their employment, benefits and consumer protection needs. The team at our office has helped countless clients navigate tricky legal issues like intellectual property disputes or securities fraud litigation; we're committed help you!
The Devadoss Law Firm is here to help you make your federal career work for the best possible future. With a team of dedicated attorneys, we offer free consultations where we can discuss any legal matter related in employment that may arise with our clients and get them back on track! Contact us today at 888-351-0424 or visit www.[urban Dictionary][1].
Wood Edwards LLP is a boutique litigation firm based in Dallas that has the experience necessary to represent anyone involved with any type of civil case or criminal charge. The lawyers at this association have extensive knowledge about both sides, and will always do what's best for those they care deeply for- their clients!
Law Offices of Brian H. Fant, P.C., located in Dallas Texas provides legal services that are tailored to meet the individual needs and requirements for each client's situation by providing personalized attention from experienced attorneys who have over ten years combined experience working on cases like yours!

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Steven M. Sloan is a leading construction and lending attorney who has represented borrowers, lenders in connection with workouts on credit facilities to developers during the course of their projects' development or purchase - including commercial real estate mezzanine loans as well! Steve has an eye for business, and he can spot trouble before it happens; that is why developers rely on him time after time!
MacLeod Law Firm PLLC is a Dallas employment law firm founded by Michelle MacLeod. The company assists executives and professionals with their legal needs, including issues surrounding workplace discrimination in the United States stemming from gender or sexual orientation to age-related ones like retirement benefits denial or compensation payouts following whistle blowing complaints against dishonest employers
Thorpe & Hatcher LLP is a progressive Dallas based law firm that specializes in the representation of the individuals. Our practice involves representations against employers and corporations by men and women who have been wrongfully terminated from their jobs or denied equal rights as employees.
Rob Wiley, P.C., located in Dallas is a firm that specializes in representing workers who have been wrongfully terminated by their employers for various reasons including discrimination and retaliation - typical cases include employment litigation involving these kinds of charges against an employer but there's no need to worry when you work with one-of-a kind professionals here at Rob Wiley PC!
Tremain Artaza PLLC is a law firm that specializes in providing legal counsel for employees and executives. They can provide you with assistance if your situation involves conflict between yourself as well employers. Tremain's lawyers guide people through tough employment related disputes, so don't hesitate!
Rogge Dunn Group, PC is a Dallas-based law firm that specializes in business disputes and employment litigation. They have handled high profile cases for clients like Google and AT&T to name just two of many famous companies they work with regularly -- Rogge's expertise spans across all forms of litigation including contract defenses, tortious interference lawsuits (such as SLAPP), commercial lending discrimination claims against banks.
Vaught Firm, LLC has the experience you need when it comes to employment law. As an attorney at Vaught's firm for over twenty years and managing a team of other attorneys who have been in practice longer still than any individual member thereof (all but two), we are well aware that our success depends on one thing.
Coleman Jackson is a Dallas, TX based law firm that helps individuals with federal and state tax controversies to name just some. They also assist businesses in immigration matters as well any kind of contract bid or drafting issue for their business enterprise needs; all while providing representation before the IRS when it comes time to file returns every year!
Matt Scott is on a mission to make sure people are compensated for their work. His clients have been denied wages and accommodations, or even had medical needs disregarded by employers - but he won't stop until they get what's owed! Matt represents those who want legal action taken against companies where employees
The Weinberg Law Firm is an experienced and reputable company that provides legal services related to Human Resources, employment contracts; unpaid overtime agreements. The lawyers at the firm have helped many people in need of these types of assistance because they truly care about their clients!
At the Hersh Law Firm, PC we're Dallas' premier source for employment law advice. We've handled cases involving overtime pay disputes to sexual harassment and wrongful termination; all with determination in your best interest as our priority! The staff at The Hersh Law Company are committed not only to fighting on behalf of employees who have been wrongfully terminated or sexually harassed by an employer!
Simon Paschal is a top-rated firm in Frisco, Texas that specializes in family and civil litigation with an emphasis on misdemeanors or infractions committed by drivers under the influence who have been injured as well those looking to sue their insurance companies over denied claims. They also work exclusively for NO -Fault Insurance claimants!
At Wcislo Law Group, PLLC we're committed to providing clients with the best legal representation. Our Dallas employment lawyer advocates for your rights and interests in a variety of complex matters including but not limited too: assisting employees & employers; protecting companies who drive innovation by putting years experience at work + asking any questions you may have about your case!
Jackson Spencer, attorney and advocate for employee rights has been named to the 2022 edition of The Best Lawyers in America. This year is her eighth consecutive nomination which makes it clear that Jennifer's dedication towards representing those who have wronged or suffered at work place continues strong!
Stacy Cole Law, P.C., is a Dallas-based law firm that represents employees and employers in matters concerning business or employment law (including wage & hour lawsuit representation). The legal team at Stacy Cole LLP has over 20 years' experience serving SMBs with their day to day operations including contract drafting/negotiations; workplace policies such as sick leave scheduling issues.
At Welch Law, Pllc we are a small but extremely successful Texas based law firm. We offer experienced legal representation in various areas of practice to suit your needs and mine so you can be confident about the company that is taking care of business as if it were ours!