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List of the Top Computer Repair Service in Dallas

At PC ICU, we believe in providing quality service to our clients. From helping individuals and businesses with their technology needs all the way up through setting up monthly plans for them-our team is dedicated to ensuring that every customer gets what they need.

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Weber’s Computer Services can help you resolve all your tech problems on-site, at home or in the office. We have been providing computer repair and IT support services for over 30 years; so if it

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PC Service Dallas offers quality computer repair to the entire city of Dallas including its suburbs like Plano , Irving etc . The company specializes in repairing different types of smartphones like iphones along with their batteries too . It also provides other various kinds of support service s related to smartphone or any kind pc’s problems!

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Computer guys have 15 years of experience in not only computer, but extensive knowledge and training when it comes to repairing you phones, game consoles, tablets apple I-devices Macbooks iMacs Laptops Custom gaming builds. Computer guys know a lot about more than just fixing your computer – they’re well-versed in all kinds of devices from cellphones to laptops to tablet repairs.

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Half Price Geeks can provide nationwide on-site and remote computer repair at any location in the United States & Canada. Our geeks can help with virus removal, operating system updates, software installations or upgrades for your home computers as well as laptops Half price geek’s website states that they are a mobile tech company who provides services to all people across America!

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Is computer repair worth it?
  2. Questions to ask a computer repair technician
  3. Can I repair a 10-year-old computer?
  4. How much do computer repair services cost?
  5. What are computer repair services?
Is computer repair worth it?

It is believed that computers that are two or three years old are worthy of repair while the repair of older ones will depend on the extent of the problem or cost of repair. When the cost of repair of a computer is about 25% of the original cost of the computer, it is also believed that such repair is not worth it. However, you can consider getting advice as to what to do concerning your faulty computer and whether it is worth fixing or not.

Questions to ask a computer repair technician

Here are some questions you can ask a computer repair technician;
● How long have you been repairing computers?
● Which area are you most specialized in?
● Do you have any relevant certification?
● Which recent repair have you worked on similar to mine?
● How did you go about the repair?
● Will I need to spend extra costs on anything relating to the repair?
● Is this computer worth fixing?
● Will I have a recurring issue with the computer after repair?
● How much do you charge?
● How can I be guaranteed of your work?

Can I repair a 10-year-old computer?

This depends on your personal decision but it is always advisable to not repair any computer that is above five years of use. They are sometimes not worthy of repair and instead, getting a new one is always advised. You can get expert advice on what to do when you have a ten-year-old computer. Depending on what you get from that as well as if you feel you want to repair it especially if the problem is not a serious one and you cannot afford a new one, it will help in making the decision.

How much do computer repair services cost?

Computers usually have different faults and as such, they will need different techniques to resolve the problem. This means that the cost of repairing a computer varies and one of the reasons is that extent of repair might be different. Averagely, it costs around $60 per hour to have your computer fixed. However, on a general note, it can cost between $50 to $150 per hour depending on the extent of the job. In some instances, a stipulated agreed fee is received for work done. The fee could also cover the price for new parts that might be used for repair.

What are computer repair services?

Computer repair services are services aimed at identifying and resolving issues associated with computers. It involves several processes or procedures, tools, and techniques all needed in the repair of a faulty computer. Computer hardware, software, network, or internet issues are some of the things that can be resolved by computer repair technicians. If you have a faulty computer or a computer with issues, it is always a good option to consider taking it to a computer repair shop to know what is wrong and how to resolve it