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Molly Maid of Northwest Dallas County is committed to helping homeowners and businesses maintain a clean home environment. They offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services for homes between 1,500 square feet up to 10,000 square feet that are located in the greater North Texas area.

Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Should I tip the cleaner?
  2. What are the three types of cleaning?
  3. What should you expect from cleaning services?
Should I tip the cleaner?

The decision to top the cleaner is your choice to make. Giving a tip to the cleaner is the same as giving any worker a tip for a good job well done. So it’s totally up to you and you can decide to give or not. However, it has been reported that most cleaning companies rely on tips to be able to help pay their workers above the minimum wage.

What are the three types of cleaning?

The first one is regular cleaning and this one is a simple kind of cleaning and mostly done for apartments or flats that need cleaning. In this one, there are just a few things to clean because of the size of the house.
The next is Deep cleaning. This is a more thorough cleaning of the property. Here, things can be moved about to enable thorough cleaning of all parts in the house. This type of cleaning is mostly conducted on big or larger properties.
Lastly is extreme cleaning and it is usually done when there is a need for total clean-up of a particular house. In this case, it might be a landlord requesting cleaning for an apartment that has just been vacated by tenants. This type of cleaning is to make sure that the house is in good cleaning condition.

What should you expect from cleaning services?

Cleaning services mainly focus on areas of the house that gets used the most but some can go even further to cleaning other areas of the house. When you hire a cleaning company to have your home cleaned up, you can expect places like the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom to be cleaned as part of the services offered. You can expect that they’ll have the floors vacuumed and mopped, dust all furniture, chairs, electronics, and generally all surfaces. In the bathroom, they will clean the sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. And in the kitchen, they can help with dusting and wiping the appliances, cupboard doors, and other things that might need cleaning. They can also help you to empty your trash cans.