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List of the Top Birth Center in Dallas

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East Dallas Birth and Wellness is a new midwifery center that opened up in the community of East Dallas, bringing woman-centered wellness within an affirming environment. The birth center offers full-scope midwife care as well as chiropractic services, functional health treatments for pregnancy and postpartum recovery support, placenta encapsulation after childbirth to help mothers with lactation problems
At Grapevine Birthing Center, their personal and family-centered care is tailored for each client. At the forefront of prenatal diagnosis technology in Texas with over twenty years experience as a midwife agency they offer personalized service that ensures you get all your questions answered by someone who knows what will work best!
The midwives at Heavenly Hands Birthing Center in Dallas, Texas are experts on how to help you when it comes time for your birth. They will assist and comfort you through the entire process so that it is as stress free of an experience for both mother and baby.
Natural Born Midwifery Care is an experienced midwife in the Dallas and North Texas area that offers holistic natural birth, VBAC, waterbirth. Traditional home or center-setting birthing options for mothers with all types of pregnancies from normal to high risk such as obesity during pregnancy.

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Lamaze childbirth education offers healthy birth practices, such as labor and delivery in a comfortable position to promote relaxation for both mothers-to-be and their partners. They also present evidence-based information during interactive childbirth classes that empower parents with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about prenatal care, birthing options including pain management techniques like breathing exercises or medication if necessary.
RootMama is a company that helps women grow healthy families. Our maternal care in your Divine reflection and vision is for all of our babies to enter life peacefully, with loving parents who have the information they need as well as someone supporting them through it all - from pregnancy until solid foods are introduced at six months old or earlier!
Lovers Lane Birth Center is an independent family-centered maternity clinic that provides natural childbirth services near Dallas, TX. Lovers' main focus centers around-pregnancies wherein the mother's health isn't compromised when giving birth naturally by minimizing interventions like-epidurals or C-sections during labor procedures while simultaneously providing support for fathers too whom want to be fully involved throughout their partner
The Urban Midwife is a perfect way to reduce many of the normal discomforts experienced during and after pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff necked illnesses from virosis in your blood stream. Regularly scheduled massages also increases circulation which lowers stress hormone levels reducing postpartum depression!
Origins Birth and Wellness - Dallas committed to giving exceptional care for expecting mothers & their families. They offer prenatal/birth care (monitoring health of mother + baby), lab work, nutritional counseling, childbirth preparation classes; they also provide lactation support postpartum and newborns' needs. Birth+Wellness is holistic approach that provides both physiological as well emotional aspects during pregnancy period - with this model caring for the family becomes easier
Abide Women's Health Services exist to improve birth outcomes in communities with the lowest quality of care by offering healthcare and complimentary services such as prenatal, labor/delivery, postpartum support. They also conduct research on maternal health disparities through their Center for Maternal & Infant Research (CMIR).
At Plano Birthplace, our mission is to provide midwifery care that combines compassion with safety and evidence-based practices. We want women who are looking for a natural childbirth experience feel comfortable during their journey into parenthood. The purpose of the above input was to inform consumers about what they can expect from Planto Birthplace's services as well as why it would be beneficial
The Birth Choice Dallas non-profit organization provides free services to women, men and families in the area. All of their information remains completely anonymous so you will never have to worry about being outed for your decisions. Birth Choice provides services for women, men and families in the Dallas area with free confidential service.
The Bump Birthing Center is a birth center that provides home births. They provide complete care for the mother and baby during labor, delivery, recovery time after the baby has been born as well as lactation support if needed or desired by mom. Their new facility includes two birthing rooms with private bathrooms in each room, one of which is handicap accessible including special amenities
Dallas Birth Doulas is a nonprofit organization that provides personalized care for families, regardless of the type of birth they have chosen. We believe in supporting expectant mothers and their partners through labor, delivery, postpartum recovery at home or our partner hospital. Dallas Birth Doulas cares about each-family's personal needs while-providing them with-options to ensure every member has an enjoyable experience during pregnancy and childbirth."
The Urban Family Co-op Dallas (formerly the Dallas Birth Center) is a group of providers in various fields who have come together to serve families through all stages of pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We want to be able to accommodate your every parenting need by providing practices for different services like chiropractic care; prenatal massages; postpartum massage therapy; midwifery; physical therapy - women's health oriented practice