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List of the Top Gardener in Austin

Big Red Sun’s eye for detail and their team of designers have been designing landscapes since 1996. After a recent move to the suburbs, landscaping services are in high demand with clients looking to make this new environment feel like home

The Great Outdoors Garden Center is a favorite destination for all plant lovers. Tucked under one of the largest live oaks in Central Texas, this nursery has an eclectic collection of colorful plants and people, pottery and garden art on display as well as tools, seeds, books and gifts to choose from.

Fertile Ground is an organic garden design company in Austin Texas. They have been named the best landscaper for seven years by The Austin Chronicle and they are not just a “mow and blow” operation! Their plants will stay healthy through their sustainable gardens, which are built with strong roots to keep things flourishing as long as possible even when it’s time to turn over your yard into something new

The Natural Gardener is a one-stop shop for all of your gardening needs. We have an extensive library, experienced gardeners on staff ready to help you with any horticultural inquiries, and the best tools in town! Our Info Desk provides professional consultation seven days a week; stop by today to get started on solving those tough mystery plants problems!

For over 16 years, Francisco Landscaping has been committed to providing the best service and satisfaction for their clients. They provide a wide variety of services such as mowing lawns, planting gardens or trees in your yard, building retaining walls around steep terrain areas on your property among many more things!

Austin Landscaper is an expert in the field of landscaping and hardscape installation. We have a reputation for crafting landscapes that are stunning, balanced, and exquisite – we’re not just any old company! Our priority is to create environmental spaces where you can enjoy life with friends or family members on your own terms.

Austin Landscaping company is the premier choice for many Austin homeowners. There are so many difficulties when looking into finding a good landscape service or lawn care company, but we’ve got you covered. We offer all of your landscaping needs at affordable prices and quality workmanship! Give us call today to get started on taking back control over your front yard’s upkeep with our professional services

We promise to partner with you and your family or friends, transform any outdoor living space into a welcoming environment where you can enjoy both the outdoors and warmth of being indoors. We have over 15 years experience in landscaping that allows us to create landscapes which are beautiful yet functional for every backyard design no matter what size it is!

New Native Gardens is a company in Austin, Texas that started with an idea from brothers-in law Matt and Jackson. They saw the need for more urban gardens as people are moving back into cities to avoid long commutes they have out of necessity when living in suburbs.

Austin Native Landscaping believes that when we design and install a new landscape, it should not only be beautiful but also low-maintenance. We focus on drought resistant perennials from Texas because they are hardy in our climate as well as attractive to the eye! Additionally, Austin native landscapers can offer you all types of outdoor living spaces

Seedlings Gardening is an award winning landscape design company that creates beautiful spaces for people to connect with the natural environment. They do this by designing gardens and outdoor living areas like a wildlife habitat, which will naturally attract more nature in your own backyard. Seedlings also integrates sustainable practices into their designs so you can live sustainably without spending time or money on it!

If you’ve taken the time to plant a garden, then you know that it is home. It’s here where we can find peace and solace when life becomes too much. The colors of flowers are bright bursts into our dull days; they’re like shooting stars in an otherwise dark sky.

Shoal Creek Nursery is a family owned and operated nursery that has been in Austin for more than six years. They are located on an acre of land with acres of beautiful plants, imported pottery, water features, gardening supplies and gifts to choose from. The knowledgeable staff can help you complete your landscape project while sharing their love for horticulture along the way!