Top Electrical Equipment Supplier in Austin - 2021

LAST UPDATED 24 Oct, 2021
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List of the Top Electrical Equipment Supplier in Austin

Dealer’s Electrical Supply has been providing wholesale electricity since its founder purchased his first shop back in 1949; fast-forward 77 years later today they are distributing nearly ten million different products sourced globally by five thousand suppliers including some household names

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Graybar is the leading North American distributor of high quality components, equipment, and materials. They specialize in supply chain management services to various markets including construction, commercial institutions & government (CIG), industrial utility grade products for electric power generation plants as well as water and wastewater treatment facilities. Graybar currently has over 3200 employees with offices in 29 countries across 6 continents.

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In 1982, KBS Electrical Distributors began specializing in the distribution of quality transmission, distribution and substation products. With a clientele that includes cooperatives and municipalities across North America, they provide world-class service with dependability you can trust to last for years to come!

Rexel is a worldwide expert in the distribution of electrical products and services for energy industries. They specialize mainly in multichannel delivery to residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Rexel provides their customers with sustainable solutions that optimize efficiency within each customer’s particular industry needs so as to be able make it well-managed business run smoothly on all fronts

Summit Electric Supply is a one stop shop for all your industrial needs. They have everything from basic commodities to sophisticated electrical components. The store has flow charts and diagrams of each product category on the wall, so you can easily find what you need!

360 Industrial Supply is the go-to supplier for adventurous types who want to take on new challenges in their industry. They have 24 hour emergency availability, offer a variety of brands at competitive prices and provide both rare and obsolete parts that can’t be found anywhere else!

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City Electric Supply is a family-owned electrical wholesale business that has been providing the best service and support to customers in all three markets since 1983. You can find everything you need for your home, office or industrial site at City Electric Supplies with their dedicated customer service team!

Crawford Electric Supply has been providing customers with the right products at the right time and price for over two decades. Today, Crawford is recognized as an industry leader in electrical distribution, servicing commercial, residential and industrial markets across Texas and Louisiana.

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