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ATX Cremation was created to give families a cremation experience outside of the traditional funeral home that is affordable and personalized. The simple online process can be completed in less than 25 minutes, with no surprises at the end when it comes to cost.

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Green Cremation Texas is proud to serve the “Greenest City in America” by providing innovative, low-cost cremation that minimizes environmental impact. The process is more streamlined and efficient than traditional burials or even other forms of green burial like sea scattering. Call today for personal assistance with your options!

Austin Cremations is a company that specializes in cremation services. Families who want to have an affordable, simple burial can call our professional staff 24/7 and we’ll provide you with assistance for only $1,095! You don’t even need to worry about driving out of town because we own the crematorium right here in Austin.

Since 1887, we have offered dignity and affordability to the families of our community. We are a Funeral Home (Texas License #3698 Austin) and Crematory (Texas License #2407) licensed by the Texas Funeral Service Commission. Our goal is simple: “to provide quality with dignity for those who can’t afford it.”

At Austin Natural Funerals, we strive to bring comfort and closure during a difficult time. With the help of our natural burial site (a picturesque location for those looking to give back) you can honor your loved one with dignity while preserving their legacy by reducing environmental impact in some small way.

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Neptune Society, the largest provider of affordable cremation services in America thanks to loyal support and many generations. They have grown from 45 locations nationwide with continued expansion ahead, has been assisting families and their loved ones for 40 years with dignity and respect while staying at a lower cost than most funeral homes.

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Capital Mortuary Services is dedicated to providing professional and caring mortuary services within the Austin Metro Area, as well as surrounding counties. We can assist you in document procurement, transportation preparation needs and on-site cremation facilities for licensed funeral establishments only!

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Fuller-Sheffield Funeral Services, Inc. was founded by Mr. William Handy Fuller and Mrs. Maud A B Fullers in 1932 when they opened their doors as the city’s first funeral home serving Austin at 1164 Angelina Street, Austin Texas 78702 across from Carver Library (currently George Washington Carver Museum).

aCremation is a special option for families who desire to honor their loved one while also saving money. Our caring professionals are not incentivized with the incentive of up-selling services or merchandise, so our measurement of success is how well we assist you throughout this difficult time in your life.

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The Texas Funeral Service Commission (TFSC) is a government agency that aims to protect the public from unethical practices in their final send off. The work of TFSC includes inspecting, licensing and educating funeral providers so they can provide quality service for customers during such an emotional time.

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Austin’s Family Owned Affordable Funeral and Cremation Service offers a variety of services to make the process easier for you. From providing caskets, cremations urns, or burial plots; we’ve got it covered! We’re committed to helping families find peace when they are going through one of life’s toughest transitions.

Green Cremation Texas is here for you and your family at every stage. From the moment of crisis, to advanced planning we know that everyone’s needs are different so our team is ready 24 hours a day with reliable service in addition to being able to handle any situation thrown their way including emergencies or advance preparation services as well.

All Faiths Funeral Services, a family-owned business in Austin Texas has been providing families with quality service for over 10 years. We provide affordable funerals and cremations to all faiths without sacrificing dignity or value. All of our services are customizable so that you can create the perfect funeral experience while saving money!

Green Cremation Texas is an industry leader that has helped bring end of life services into the modern era by putting clients and the environment first. Pflugerville cremation only services are now available for families that want to remember a loved one without causing any environmental impact at all!

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