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List of the Top Civil Law Attorney in Austin

The attorneys of Ellwanger Law LLLP protect the rights and dignity of individuals in Texas. They are committed to defending those who have faced discrimination or harassment, so that they can live free from persecution. The attorneys at Ellwanger Law LLP use their skills and resources to advocate for justice on behalf of Plaintiffs throughout Texas.

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Wright & Greenhill, P.C., is a law firm with an established reputation for the quality and thoroughness of its legal services in Austin since 1985. The attorneys at Wright&Greenhill have broad knowledge and experience which provides them to offer full range of services including: business litigation contracts; administrative municipal laws, construction employment insurance law civil litigations such as defamation claims serious personal injury or professional liability cases

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Grandinetti & Molinar Law is a litigation law firm founded in 2002 by native Texans Christopher Grandinetti and Ramon Molinar. Since then, they have consistently achieved exemplary results both inside and out of the courtroom. They are proud to offer focused legal services so that our clients can receive high-quality service without overpriced rates or senseless charges.

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The Law Office of Betty Blackwell puts the accused first in every case, working with a bedrock philosophy that everyone deserves an aggressive criminal defense attorney. This office has extensive experience defending against domestic violence charges and DUI/DWI offenses to ensure fairness during proceedings for all involved.

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LRS is a one stop shop for all your legal needs. Their operators will help guide you through the process with resources to community law enforcement and lawyers in their vast network of trusted partners, so that they can find what’s best suited for them.

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At Nunis & Associates, we understand that each divorce is unique and will require different strategies to reach a fair resolution. We are experts in every type of family law matter, most notably divorces with business interests or spousal support for high net worth clients.

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Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC was founded with one goal in mind, to protect the seriously injured. We have handled hundreds and thousands of injury cases over the past two decades and have achieved results for our clients that we never expected – some paying off their homes, others were able to pay off all their bills

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Shaw Cowart LLP is a registered law partnership that provides experienced counsel for individuals and businesses. We have the trust of Fortune 100 companies, including one member who people know well. Our expertise allows us to answer your questions with honesty while providing sound guidance in all legal proceedings such as trials or negotiations through our experience from many years handling cases like yours before.

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Barnett and Leuty is a law firm located just off Jollyville Road. Our attorneys handle everything from residential property disputes to civil litigation, and we have more than 40 years of combined experience in the field.* We offer free parking on site for all clients!

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Snodgrass Law PLLC is a firm that specializes in Estate Planning, Probate, Family Law and Litigation. We are dedicated to our clients’ success with personalized representation and creative solutions for their legal needs. Our team strives to make your process as seamless as possible so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got it covered!

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In 1990, Bollier Ciccone LLP was founded in Austin and has been winning the trust of thousands ever since. BC’s team provides premium personal services to clients seeking family law or civil law attorneys within Central Texas – such as those looking for a divorce attorney in Austin!

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The Snell Law Firm, PLLC has been providing excellent legal services since 2007. The firm’s lawyers have all the experience you need on your side for any case that comes up and often win trials when other firms are unwilling to fight back. Call us now so we can put our years of expert representation to work for you!

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. What are the types of lawyers?
  2. What are the four types of civil law?
  3. What do civil attorneys cost?
  4. Do you need an attorney for civil law cases?
  5. What do civil law attorneys do?
What are the types of lawyers?

There are different types of lawyers namely; contract lawyer, family lawyer, personal injury lawyer, corporate lawyer, criminal lawyer, civil law attorney, employment layer, immigration lawyer, tax lawyer, general practice lawyer, social security disability lawyer, estate planning lawyer, intellectual property lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, and medical malpractice lawyer

What are the four types of civil law?

There are four main types of civil law and they are contract law, tort law, family law and property law.
Contract law involves an agreement between two parties in which both parties are expected to hold up to their part of the agreement. In a case where either party violates the agreement, it is usually called a breach of contract and can be regarded as civil wrongdoing.
Tort Law is a type of civil law associated with personal injury and civil wrongdoing. In this case, civil wrongdoing by one party to another results in personal injury or property damage. Most times, monetary compensation is given to the injured party. Torts can be categorised in three: Negligence (unintentional tort), Intentional tort (something done intentionally), and strict liability (based on strict responsibility to ensure and maintain the safety of something).
Family law deals with marriage, annulment, child custody, divorce and other things relating to family.
Lastly, property law deals with properties. It could be either personal properties like jewelry and copyrights or things like land. Two branches of property law are trespass (any form of interference to possession rights to use of property or entry to land) and conversion (depriving the owner and then claiming property).

What do civil attorneys cost?

The cost of hiring a civil law attorney can be dependent on a number of factors which include; the area of expertise of the attorney, the kind of civil case you’re pursuing, the difficulty of the case, the duration or time it takes to pursue or defend your lawsuit and then the level of experience and reputation of the attorney. The costs range from $1200 to $8000 depending on the factors stated above. Averagely, attorneys who are less experienced or work for small firms will charge between $150 to $300 per hour while you’ll definitely pay more if you’re hiring a much experienced attorney, between $500 to $700 per hour.

Do you need an attorney for civil law cases?

Yes, getting or hiring a civil law attorney is the right step if you’re pursuing a civil case. These attorneys are better equipped in the field of civil law and would be able to understand your case and provide you with quality advice and strategies to go about your case. With the different specializations under civil law, you might even be able to get someone who specializes directly in the lawsuit you’re pursuing. You have a better chance of getting a nice legal representation when you hire a civil law attorney for your civil case. If it will be anything short of a civil case, then you can as well get another lawyer specialized in that area. Civil law attorneys deal with laws relating to human relationships and properties.

What do civil law attorneys do?

A civil law attorney is an attorney hired to pursue or defend a civil lawsuit. They are specifically trained in the aspect of civil law and work on behalf of clients to resolve civil disputes or legal issues. A civil law attorney usually represents clients in a non criminal case, rather they provide you with legal representation, strategies and advice on whatever civil case you’re facing. There are different fields in which a civil law attorney can specialize in and they are; personal injury law, employment law, family law, business and finance laws, immigration law, real estate law and landlord and tenant law. These professionals have nothing to do with criminal cases as that will be the work for a lawyer specialized in criminal law. They just deal with laws associated with people, relationships and property.