Top Chartered Surveyor in Austin - 2021

LAST UPDATED 20 Oct, 2021
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List of the Top Chartered Surveyor in Austin

McGray & McGray is a company that specializes in surveying and 3-D scanning services. They have helped many public works projects, including roads, railroads, utilities systems water and wastewater studies of floodplains as well as construction verification for private businesses to ensure they are following regulations during the building process. McGray provides land surveying along with other engineering services such as designing or verifying buildings being constructed by contractors

Survey Works, LLC is an Austin-based surveying company with experience in multiple types of projects. Whether you’re looking for a mortgage survey or urban planning consultancy to guide your project’s design and construction phases, Survey Works can provide the services you need on time.

The Texas Society of Professional Surveyors is a professional organization that helps its members and the public in attaining high surveying standards. The TSPS has 23 local chapters statewide, with over 1,600 members involved (and growing). Members are given aid to help them achieve their best work possible while also learning more about ethical practices as well.

Waterloo Surveyors has a long and established history, we’ve been in business for 15 years. Our founder is Derrick Dixon who got his start working summers on surveying crews with his father Tom when he was just 18 years old. In 1994 the company became Waterloo Surveys as it merged with another surveyor’s office that had its roots back to 1913!

Allpoints Surveying has been a trusted advisor to high-volume homebuilders for over twenty years. Over this time, they have listened to the needs of builders and tailored solutions that surpass their expectations in accuracy, delivery and price while bringing them innovative solutions as well!

B&G Land Surveying is a land surveying firm in Austin, Texas. They provide services to Central Texas and specialize in title companies, home owners, lenders for homes or mortgages as well as commercial building professionals like architects and engineers that require accurate measurements of the space they are designing. With advanced technologies combined with traditional methods we offer our clients an assurance of excellence from B&G’s team!

HOLT CARSON, Inc. is one of the oldest continuously operating Land Surveying firms in Texas! The company was originally founded by Claude F. Bush Jr., a Charter Member with the Texas Surveyors Association, who operated under Bush Surveying until J Leroy took over at end December 1999 and Holt Carson stepped up to save it from bankruptcy when he acquired ownership on January 1st 2000 (RPS 202).