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LAST UPDATED 20 Oct, 2021
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List of the Top Auction House in Austin

Austin Auction Gallery was founded in 1983 and quickly became one of the premier Antique and Fine art auction houses in the Southwest. Since then, they have conducted more than 1600 auctions for state institutions, business liquidations, foreclosure auctions ,and hundreds of estate auctions for family members, executors or trustees

David Ackel auctions offers Professional Auctioneer services for Real Estate, Business Liquidations, and Fine Rugs. Being a world class auctioneer is about more than just talking fast! My experience has taught me that the rhythmic chant essential to success increases bids. In addition we believe our depth of industry knowledge gives us an edge over competitors who might not have as much know-how in these fields

Professional auto detailers are always on the go, that’s why we offer services for people like you. We aim to give your car a new lease of life so it can stand out in all its glory! Our interior and exterior detailing includes removing swirlmarks, scuffs, scratches etc., plus giving your upholstery an uplift with our professional steam cleaning service.

SlapSale is the premier online auction company for used medical equipment, and they help more than just their clients; SlapSale helps companies effectively downsize when necessary. Through full service auctions that include setup of inventory, professional photography services with model shots on our site to provide a better sense of your product

All Estate Sales & Auction Company is an international company that specializes in auctions and estate sales. Catherine has over 35 years experience with auctioning off all sorts of items, including collectible art glass, furniture, antique jewelry pieces etc., so she can walk you through the process from start to finish while treating your sale as if it were her own.

Andrew Bost, a Texas-based benefit auctioneer who specializes in charity and fundraising auctions has been building his career for the past 15 years. He brings life to events with passion that increases donations which is something everyone can agree on being an important part of any successful event.

The Astounding Team is on a mission to make an impact in the world by helping nonprofits create successful fundraising events. With backgrounds as community advocates and auctioneers, they will work with you through every step of your event, from crafting donor-centered messaging for your guests to providing admission bids or raffle items at competitive prices.