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The Austin Artspace is a collective of artists who rent professional studio space to create and sell their work. The collection features everything from paintings, sculptures, photography and more for all price ranges so that even the most frugal art aficionados can enjoy some beautiful pieces in their home or office!
Women & Their Work is a visual and performing art organization located in Central Austin that serves as a catalyst for contemporary art created by women living and working in Texas. They bring groundbreaking exhibitions, performances, workshops to the area with their efforts.
Troy Campa's Camiba Gallery is a conceptual contemporary art space with an emphasis on materials and craftsmanship. The gallery, founded in 2014 by Troy Campa and Rene Ibarra, has grown to showcase the work of 19 artists today while maintaining its focus on concept driven exhibits that are thoughtfully planned out for visitors to be able enjoy as they're touring through each exhibit at their own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions About Art Dealer

An art dealer is a professional that buys and sells art. They broker the sale of art and aim to keep both parties satisfied with what they get. An art dealer might not necessarily buy an art as they get them as consignment in most cases. However, an art consultant is a professional that specializes in giving advice about different aspects of art. It could be about the art, the value, care for the art and almost everything pertaining to art. Art consultants can also work as art dealers.

In many cases, art dealers are known to find the artists and not frequently the other way around. It is always good when the art dealer is the one to contact you as you’re sure they find something interesting about your art and are already willing to work with you. You’ll need to promote your art very well for maximum visibility to give you a chance of being noticed or spotted. If you’re looking to find an art dealer, you can visit galleries, panel events, educational art events, or check up publications where galleries or art dealers are listed and check them out. You can then consider sending them a mail or visiting them for a chance at one on one meeting.

Asides acting as an intermediary for those who want to buy and sell art pieces, art dealers are usually hired to bring several art pieces into art galleries or museums or wherever they work. They work with different artists to bring in new art pieces, either painting, sculpture or other forms of art. An art dealer can also help to identify and critique the value of an art. They delay the purchase of different art forms that should meet the demand of the public.

Art dealers usually charge a certain percentage of the art piece’s sale price. The percentage is always anything between 20% and 60% of the sales price. The right percentage or price will depend on how well the art dealer is good and experienced as well as the kind of gallery that will be exhibiting the art piece.

Whether you’re looking for an art dealer or you’ve been contacted by one looking to represent you, choosing the right art dealer will play a huge role in helping you develop in your career. First thing to do is to conduct research about the art dealers available for you to hire. Things to consider when looking for art dealers is their experience, level of expertise, the gallery they work with as well as how easy it is to get them. Next is to consider your most preferred options and start drafting costs and payment schedules and see which one works for you. After this, you can then look to develop a good professional relationship with the art dealer who will help in improving your journey into going big in the art world.

Most art dealers usually have their own galleries where they display arts they’re looking to sell. In that case, these art dealers will be working in the gallery. Also, in the case where art dealers don’t own their own galleries, they can still work in a gallery not owned by them. They can also work at museums or auction houses. When looking for entry position jobs in the art dealer field, these professionals always choose these places to work and gain some experience and also use their expertise to work well and also gain some connections that will be valuable .

Yes, being an art dealer is a job. Art dealers are professionals at what they do and they even possess educational qualifications in an art field or a course with history of arts. They work for individuals, businesses, foundations, among others and get paid salaries. The median salary for an art dealer is about $50,000. Art dealers use their extensive and broad knowledge of arts to acquire art pieces. They sometimes start off as artists before moving into sales. An individual can get hired in a position as an art dealer.

Some art dealers earn up to $100,000 in salary depending on experience and also the kind of art sold. They can also earn about $1,500 per week while also considering these factors. Usually, when an art dealer brokers a sale for an art that is just in the market for the first time, they get commissions up to 60% for brokering the sale while commissions start at 5% when the art worth a million is sold in a secondary market, like an auction. The commissions in this type of market could even rise to about 20% when the price is less than a million.

An art dealer is a professional with extensive knowledge in art that buys and sells art. They act as intermediaries or middlemen in the buying and selling of art pieces. They broker the sale of art. When an artist wants to sell an art or a company or individual is interested in buying an art, an art dealer acts as that negotiator that looks to strike a deal for both parties and get the art to the buyer and the payment to the seller. Most art dealers usually own galleries though it is not important or required to be one as you can perform their duties without it.

Lydia Street Gallery is a trendy, contemporary fine arts gallery located in the heart of East End IBIZ. Gallerist Deanna Miesch has an interdisciplinary background and specializes in Fine Arts therapy through her work with art as both therapist & gallerist; she brings this knowledge to all clients who visit Lydias- offering them not only beauty but also self expression

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The Christian-Green Gallery is a central feature of the Warfield Center's Art and Archive Initiative, which displays art, archival materials and special collections relating to the Black experience. The initiative seeks to expand holdings of African American artwork in order for its students to be exposed more often than before.
Austin Galleries has a large collection of fine art that is sure to please any taste. From 19th century paintings and 20th century modern prints, we offer pieces from all around the world for collectors who want something different than what's currently trending on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook
Davis Gallery has a reputation for showcasing best-in-class works of art. The gallery is the proud home to many local and regional artists, all with their own unique styles that have won them acclaim from critics as well as respect within Austin's creative community.
Lydia Street Gallery is a trendy, contemporary fine arts gallery located in the heart of East End IBIZ. Gallerist Deanna Miesch has an interdisciplinary background and specializes in Fine Arts therapy through her work with art as both therapist & gallerist; she brings this knowledge to all clients who visit Lydias- offering them not only beauty but also self expression
Lora Reynolds established the gallery in March 2005 after working with Anthony d'Offay and Matthew Marks Galleries in London and New York. The Lora Reynolds Gallery is a space that showcases emerging, mid-career, and established artists of all media including drawing, painting, sculpture photography printmaking film video etc.
Fastframe is the leading custom picture framing franchise in America, with over 200 locations nationwide. Our customers span all walks of life and we offer a wide variety of services suited for every need - from residential homes up through commercial buildings like offices or stores!
Ao5 Gallery is the largest contemporary art gallery in Austin. It has been committed to bringing a wide range of accessible fine artwork here for over 20 years now, and that commitment shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They have artists from all seven continents under their roof.
Lydia Street Gallery is an art gallery located in the heart of Austin's East End. The Gallerist, Deanna Miesch has a wealth knowledge and appreciation for the arts as she went to UT Austin with her BFA (1991) and studied at Chicago School of Art & Design where she attained Master's Degree in Art Therapy (1996).
The Blanton Museum of Art at The University of Texas at Austin has one the country?s foremost university art galleries and is recognized for having an encyclopedic collection with more than 19,000 works. This permanent trove includes European paintings from centuries past as well as modern-day pieces by American or Latin artists alike!
Art for the People is a colorful, eclectic art gallery and artisan market. In addition to showcasing 100+ Austin artists, we are committed to empowering local talent by hosting workshops that teach skills such as painting or jewelry making so they can be self-sufficient in their practice while giving back through donations of work from our creations!
The Prickly Pear Galleries offer customers an array of unique and beautiful artwork. They have two locations in Austin, including the north store next to REI and Whole Foods by Gateway Courtyard on North Loop at 10th Street (they also house a south location near The Shops at Arbor Trails).
Austin Art Garage has been around for eleven years to give Austin artists a chance at being seen. They're open six days a week, and they make sure you can get your hands on original art without having the funds necessary to buy an expensive piece from another gallery.
West Chelsea Contemporary is a gallery in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas featuring museum quality art from 20th century and contemporary artists. The space was previously Russell Collection Fine Art but now operates under new ownership with founder Lisa Russell at its helm.