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The Austin Home Appraisal Team has become one of the most relied upon firms in Austin for residential property valuations. Our commitment to fast turnaround, fair pricing and accurate appraisals have placed us at the forefront of this industry. Unlike management companies that outsource their assignments across Texas, our appraisers are all local living and working right here in Central Texas with years experience evaluating homes within this market area.

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We have a stellar reputation at home and abroad because we provide top quality appraisals. We will give you an accurate valuation on residential property in Central Texas for any purpose: to buy or sell real estate; ensure fair treatment during divorce proceedings; get help with employee relocation plans (ERC); settle estates slowly dwindling away due to lack of funds

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Post Oak Appraisal is a leading real estate appraisal company, based in Austin, Texas and specialized in residential properties such as single family homes, condominiums, one-four unit investment homes. Honest appraisals with competitive fees have been completed over the years for numerous lenders and individuals because of their thriving business during Central Texas’s healthy economy.

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With over 15 years of experience and professional appraisers, our team can meet any property valuation requirement. Whether you’re looking for an appraisal report to be used in a private matter or lending – we’ve got your back! We also offer unbeatable turn times with low fees on top-notch services; there’s no better place than us when it comes to valuing properties.

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Appraisal House Texas is a reliable company that has been providing appraisals for homes in the state of Texas since 1967. To be sure you’re getting an accurate appraisal, they use local and experienced appraisers who are trained to know all about your area so there won’t be any surprises. Appraise prices start at $450; call today to get yours!

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We love exploring Central Texas towns, but we’re also here to help you find the perfect home. We offer real estate appraisal services for all of greater Austin and surrounding areas. If you are interested in being appraised or need more information about finding a property, contact us today!

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Established in 2003, Appraisal Shop is a company that maintains at least 20 licensed and/or certified appraisers. They are able to provide services for personal property such as jewelry, furniture, watches or automobiles (among others). The staff includes an operations manager who deals with the company’s day-to-day needs and trains new employees.

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. How much does it cost to get an appraiser?
  2. Is getting an appraiser worth it?
  3. Can an appraiser ask for repairs?
  4. How to find the right appraiser?
  5. What does an appraiser look for when doing appraisal?
  6. Why do you need an appraiser?
  7. Can an appraiser be a Realtor?
  8. Where does an appraiser work?
  9. What does an appraiser do?
How much does it cost to get an appraiser?

Certain factors like level of expertise and experience as well will play a role in how much you’re charged by an appraiser. Averagely, it costs $350 to hire an appraiser but there is a potential for the price to even go further to extra hundreds of dollars depending on size of property while also considering the appraiser’s experience and reputation.

Is getting an appraiser worth it?

This depends on what is found in the appraisal. It’s possible that after the appraisers complete their work, the value is only slightly lesser and you’ll still have to pay a substantial amount to secure the property and it’s also possible that you get a huge discount on value after the appraisal. If you’re having doubts about the quality and value of a property then getting an appraiser will definitely turn out to be worth it. If you also feel the property is being overpriced or underpriced, for the seller, then hiring an appraiser can make the whole process easy and aid in coming to a decision.

Can an appraiser ask for repairs?

Yes, appraisers can ask for repairs when they find something not in order. They don’t just ask for repairs because it’s something part of the job or they need to or anything else, but if an appraiser asks for repairs, it’s because the appraiser sees a problem and will expect it to be fixed in order to make it acceptable. It might be issues with health and safety and the appraiser simply wants to ensure the property is safe. All systems and everything in the house must be in proper condition and that’s what repairs are usually for. And more reasons why they are recommended by appraisers.

How to find the right appraiser?

As always, experience will always matter when you’re choosing a professional for your job. You’ll be better off with someone who has experience appraising your kind of apartments. Get recommendations from real estate agents or individuals who have previously used the services of an appraiser and then look to screen them for experience with your type of apartment. Make a list and consult each person you find capable for the job. Ask questions and also consider your pocket to ensure you get an appraiser you can afford. Lastly, figure out if they’re licensed or some form of certification and make sure you confirm this.

What does an appraiser look for when doing appraisal?

To carry out their work, appraisers always inspect certain things to come about what the current value of the property is. One important thing is the interior and exterior of the property. This includes checking all the rooms, walls, ceilings, doors, and every other place or thing in and out of the house to see if there are any damages or maintenance issues. Next is amenities, this includes a swimming pool, if available, and any other amenities which might be present in the house. The location of the house will also be evaluated by the appraiser. Proximity to places like hospital, fire station, and school will be looked at while also considering if it’s in a highly desirable area or a less desired place. The kind of apartments in the area as well as the condition of the area and places around it will also be inspected. Other things like the age and size of the property, any safety features, and possible improvements needed will also be looked at.

Why do you need an appraiser?

You need an appraiser to help you determine the right or at least, the current market value for the property you’re looking to buy. There are times when properties are overpriced, making it almost impossible to buy what you want. You can simply hire an appraiser to help you determine if the price you’re given is the right price or if you’ve been given a really high price that doesn’t depict the value it represents. With an appraiser’s work, it’s possible to cut down some cost and pay a lesser amount for a property you want as long as that price represents the current value.

Can an appraiser be a Realtor?

A Realtor is a licensed agent who is in the business of representing individuals who want to buy or sell a property in the real estate industry and even though its a more different job from that of an appraiser, there are actually no boundaries stopping an appraiser from being a realtor. An appraiser usually deals with appraising people’s properties to determine the current value of the property and it involves a number of inspection activities to be able to get desired results. The job is completely different from what a Realtor does but there’s nothing actually stopping an appraiser from being a Realtor. The simple thing is that an appraiser has to be an appraiser and act like one when appraising a property and a Realtor has to be a Realtor when they it’s time to be one. Nothing hinders the other from being able to be both as long as the individual knows how to do both and is also licensed to be a Realtor.

Where does an appraiser work?

There are two main fields where an appraiser can work and they are the commercial real estate industry and the residential property industry. For the commercial real estate industry, the appraiser can work for office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and industrial buildings. Even though appraisers are known to work in the area of residential property, they still work in these kinds of places and managers or owners of these businesses can request an appraisal either to get a loan or for tax related purposes. The residential property area of specialization for appraisers is quite common and in this, they work mainly with residential properties and determine the value of people’s properties.

What does an appraiser do?

Sometimes when you want to get a property, the price might be too high that you’ll feel the property is being overpriced and that’s when the appraiser comes in. The appraiser helps a potential buyer determine the current value of a property they’re looking to buy. They help you to discover if the price you’re being charged is right for the kind of property you’re buying. An appraiser usually gets the appraisal done by inspecting the property. Things like the interior and exterior of the property, value of whatever amenities are available on the property, layout of the property, square footage and health and safety code violations are inspected to determine the value of the property. Also, the appraiser can conduct an off site appraisal by doing an evaluation of any other comparable properties in that area to be able to get the right value for the property or at least the fair price it should be sold for.