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LAST UPDATED 23 Jun, 2024
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List of the Top Adult Foster Care Service in Austin

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Do you have a home for this newborn?" The question has hovered over my desk at Legacy Ranch for years. We are the first foster care and adoption agency that works directly with Child Protective Services in order find loving forever homes, but there is never enough time or resources to accommodate all of their requests! In just one day alone I received two phone calls from DCFS asking about available children.
At Comfort Keepers, we take pride in our ability to help keep the elderly and disabled safe at home. Our trained caregivers are compassionate enough for you or your loved one's needs as they age; allowing them a dream come true of living out their days without needing constant medical attention.
Pathways was founded in the early 1990s with a desire to serve challenging teenage boys. The small independent home served its first foster children and soon filled up quickly, hinting at what would come next for this organization that has grown from one office space into ten branch offices serving over 500 kids across 50 counties each year!
Helping Hand Home is the oldest continuously operating residential childcare agency in Travis County and a priceless resource kept strong through community support. For children who are healing from physical, emotional or sexual abuse--helpful services include safe haven to nurture their sense of security as they heal with love by your side.

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Visiting Angels

Service Focus
21% Skilled Nurse
19% Assisted Living
33% Emotional Support
27% Other
Service Focus
21% Skilled Nurse
19% Assisted Living
33% Emotional Support
27% Other
Visiting Angels has been providing compassionate senior care to families across the United States since 1998. Our network of homecare franchised agencies is committed, with you as a partner in mind and heart, towards finding that perfect match for your loved one?s needs - whether they're physical or mental; living alone all day long can be hard on anyone! We want our clients (and their family members!)
Oasissaa is an independent consulting firm dedicated towards positively impacting seniors during challenging moments of transition or aging with confidence through compassionate carepersonnel knowledgeable about various types of senior properties including assisted living facilities so they may find peace while transitioning into retirement life
ResCare is one of the nation?s largest home and community-based health services providers, which has had a rich history since 1974. The company's vision at BrightSpring Health Services is be an industry leader in providing habilitative care for people from all over who need help living their best lives - no matter what it takes or how old they are!
Home Helpers is a company that has been around for more than 20 years. They provide exceptional home care to seniors and others in need, with independently owned offices across America's thousands of communities-supporting the dignity & independence they deserve as families are supported too!
D&S Community Services Inc., a leading provider of health care services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They offer residential homes, foster care or day habilitation programs to support patients' independence in their daily life while they receive therapy from qualified therapists at D & S's centers across the US .
Lonestar Social Services has developed a reputation as one of the leading foster care providers in Texas. They offer an array of services to better assist families throughout this state, including their incredible adoption services which include home studies and supervised visits with children available for viewing before making any decisions about adopting them out into your own household!
Casey Family Programs is the nation?s largest operating foundation focused on safely reducing foster care in America. By working together, we can create a country where Communities of Hope provide support for children and their families so they may thrive without need or want. Our work has spanned 50 states plus Washington D.C., Puerto Rico as well as tribal nations across North America; making our vision come true ? creating communities full of hope!
Arrow Child & Family Ministries is a place of hope for foster children, where they can experience the unconditional love and commitment that only Christians provide. Founded by former foster child who grew up in an amazing Christian home fostered out on purpose to give everyone this same opportunity; we strive not just with our hands but also through prayerful listening skills among others as well!
Agency staff members have decades worth experience working within foster care systems which allows us get down into details when it comes caring for these vulnerable kids needs vs wants; especially since many are coming out from difficult situations like abuse or neglect at some point during their childhoods stage (which happens way too often).
Sweet and sassy seniors was established with a passion to the needs of senior living communities, their residents and family members. With compassionate care as our core value we guarantee reliable service in all areas from assisted living to dementia care while collecting years worth knowledge about running your own community or managing one for someone else's convenience!
The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is charged with the protection from abuse, neglect or exploitation. They involve themselves in communities by involving clients as well as families at every level possible to ensure those who are vulnerable have reliable help available when needed most