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LAST UPDATED 22 Apr, 2024
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List of the Top Venture Capital Company in New York City

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Alexander Capital Ventures is a new venture capital company that has been doing strategic investments in the trendiest startups of today. The team at Alexander wants to make sure they invest wisely, so as not only help their portfolio companies grow but also provide qualified clients access into these very early-stage growth propositions before it becomes too late!
Intuitive Venture Partners is a New York City based boutique investment bank that specializes in structuring, marketing and private placement of investments. They have years experience working with some of the biggest names out there including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to develop companies from their early stages all the way through initial public offerings (IPO).
Boston-based Bain Capital Ventures is an affiliate of the much-respected and successful Boston based company, Bain & Company. They provide advice on how to improve your business models to ensure success for both you as well as any customers who may purchase from them in future endeavors!
Story Ventures is an early stage VC fund based in NYC. We invest in entrepreneurs with big visions that leverage technology and data to make their dreams come true, like disruptive businesses who are redefining industries or creators building the future of entertainment!
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 New York City

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Big Idea Ventures are solving the World's Biggest Challenges by supporting innovative entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Our goal is for all people in need, no matter where they're from or what language it speaks . We provide venture capital funding to help talented individuals turn ideas into reality-changing enterprises that have a major social impact on our global society while generating value through profit motive."
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 New York City
Vast Ventures is a new venture fund investing in companies with the potential to improve worldwide health and happiness. The mission of Vast Visionaries, as they refer back their name from time-to-time for inspiration on how best we can make this world better one community at a time - has been more than just talk since founding its doors open last month!
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 New York City
Columbia Angel Group is a new and innovative way to source, fund and champion angel investment with Columbia alumni across the globe. CAGE's mission: create profound impact on startups & ventures throughout New York City as well emerging startup hubs worldwide!
At Venture Group Capital, we have a track record of transforming companies and processes. We pride ourselves on being an integral part in the growth process for our clients' businesses by combining industry insights with solid strategy implementation skills to help them reach their full potential
ff Venture Capital is one of the best performing seed and early-stage venture capital firms in New York. We invest across emerging industries, including healthcare sector that has seen increasing demand for innovative solutions as well as technology hubs empowering entrepreneurs with digital tools they need to create their businesses faster than ever before
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 New York City
Wall Street Venture Capital Ltd operates as a venture capital firm, with offices on Wall Street. The Company has been funding startups for over 15 years and invests in both new businesses or those undergoing an expansion phase to help them grow into successful companies that are market leaders within their field of expertise.
645 Ventures is the premier seed and series A fund for iconic founders in New York City. With offices throughout North America, 645 has helped build some of today's most successful companies like Yelp which was acquired by Yahoo! for $3 billion dollars plus another 95 million shares (valued at about 2/10ths).
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 New York City
FirstMark is an early-stage venture capital firm in New York City. We back and accelerate founders of iconic, industry-defining companies to take them all the way from idea through expansion before they IPO or get acquired--and create extraordinary wealth for our partners along the way!
If you're in the tech or innovation field, then chances are that Accathon Capital has something for your company. With their global platform connecting top innovators from around the world and over two decades' worth of experience investing into new projects/ideas across all fields
Gotham Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in the most innovative companies to the fuel their success. They work with the entrepreneurs, visionaries of the today who are shaping tomorrow's industries and create it into something great!
ADIT Ventures NYC is the perfect place to start your next business venture. The team at ADIT will help you find ways for profit and they're always on hand with resources that can be used as soon as possible after starting up, so don't hesitate!
IA Capital Group is a New York-based private investment firm and manager for the Inter-Atlantic funds. IA's dedication lies in partnering with innovative entrepreneurs who are changing our world every day through innovation, creativity, resilience - qualities that they believe will benefit everyone working or living here at home as well as those around us throughout all corners of this globe