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Top Security Guard Service in New York City - 2024

LAST UPDATED 29 May, 2024
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List of the Top Security Guard Service in New York City

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At Eastern Security Corporation, we are the industry leaders in providing certified professionals with experienced fire safety expertise to execute high-quality contract services for your business. Our team is highly trained and managed so you can relax knowing that all of our directors have undergone rigorous background checks before they begin work on site or even arrive at an event location!
Star Security Training has been providing the required training courses to become a licensed security guard in New York State since 2009. These include: 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Course, 16 Hour On-the Job Training Course and 8 Hours of Post Academy Supervised Field Experience where you will work with real clients while experiencing all sorts dangers that happen on an actual job site
Giss International is more than just a security guard agency. They provide services to their clients ranging from armed and unarmed guards, electronic surveying equipment rentals for ROI protection or natural disasters such as Hurricane Irma which would cost an arm and leg without these vital supplies!
Private security is a necessary and often overlooked part of many organizations. Stat Security, with over twenty-five years' experience in this field offers services from threat assessment to violence prevention that can help you keep your employees safe at work!

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Harvard Protection Services is one of the largest and most respected security companies in America, providing a comprehensive suite to meet your needs. From high profile protection for CEOs all-the way down to individual guards' profiles; Harvard has got you covered!
Narrow Security Inc offers a wide range of services that includes Fire Guard Services. All our guards are well-trained and state certified professionals, ensuring your protection is never compromised by the fire alarm going off in both new developments or commercial buildings across New York City!
The Royale Security Company is a company that offers security solutions to the public and private sectors. They work with their clients in order for them create programs tailored specifically for each industry they serve, which have been perfected over time on how best protect people from harm without being too burdensome on any given situation
Allied Universal is a company that hires employees for their New York City office. They are corrupt, lazy and dishonest people with no regard to the hard work you do as an independent contractor/subcontractor on their projects across North America! Allied universal has grown to big and their NYC management staff are corrupt, liars and lazy
Securitas Security Services USA chicago for all your security needs.The next time you find yourself in need of a company that offers reliable protection, look no further than Securitas Security Services USA Chicago. When it comes down to providing exceptional customer service and excellent value with every job we do; there's really nothing else like us out on the market today!
The Citadel Security Agency is committed to providing the best possible security for you and your employees. From our experienced team members, who are able handle anything that comes their way with ease -to state-of-the art equipment in order make sure everything runs smoothly on site or off-, we have what it takes!
You need security? Security Resources is the company for you! Our employees are all former law enforcement or ex-military. They work hard to protect your business with their experience and quick response times, so that no one will ever know peace on Earth quite like it used too
Custom Protective Services crafts a tailored approach to protecting your family with their years of experience in threat risk management, private and personal protection. Custom Protection is committed to providing you the best service while ensuring that all safety measures are taken into account at every step of our process
Sottile Security is a well-established company in the security industry with an innovative approach to solving problems. They specialize in commercial, residential and retail properties but have also found success working for construction clients where they use up-to date technology to protect their customers' assets against intruders or other dangers