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List of the Top Pilates Studio in New York City

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Circ Pilates Studio NYC is a unique studio in New York City that offers group, individual and mat based workouts. Their classes are led by instructors who have decades of experience to help You achieve your fitness goals no matter how intense they may be!
New York Pilates Bowery location offers group and private reformer pilates in a bright modern space. The studio is equipped with all the latest machines, allowing students of any level or experience to receive individualized attention from an instructor who truly cares about their success!
Pilates By Sylvia is the perfect place for you if you're looking to work out in a super- Accountability free environment. With classes that are held all levels of experience, small group sizes and lots of equipment options including Reformers, Jumpboards Ladders Wunda Chairs anything we have here will be sure to make it easy as pie (or even better)
We're excited to share our studio with you! The Space Pilates Studio has all of the latest equipment, natural lighting and eco-conscious amenities. Our space can be rented by any instructor looking for an intimate learning environment or simply wanting some time away from their busy workday schedule - let us know how we might help achieve your goals in this field so contact info@theplatformstudiosnyc...
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 New York City

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Welcome to Classical Pilates NYC! With our expert coaches and challenging workouts, we'll help you reach your goals. We offer private sessions for all abilities levels - whether it's injury recovery or stress relief that interests you most; no matter what level (or age!) in life brings about the need for self care, there is something here at CPNYC to meet those needs with style
At NEW YORK PILATES HQ, we offer the most comprehensive and innovative curriculum. Our classes give you a well-rounded fitness experience that will leave your body feeling strong and confident! Athletes of all levels come in for our workout program tailored to their specific needs; whether it's building strength or improving flexibility
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 New York City
At Pilates Midtown East, you'll find a studio that is fully outfitted with modern machines and offers Private sessions for individuals or small groups. They also offer Barre classes in addition to their well-known yoga line up! A Pilates studio where you can work out in luxury and enjoy the best amenities.
Pilates sessions are a great way to improve balance, flexibility and strength. Uptown Pilate's midtown Manhattan location offers you the option of both private (one on one) or semi-private classes in order for more people like yourself can take advantage! They also offer small group fitness programs targeted at all levels
Club Pilates Chicago is one of the most well-known and respected health clubs in all of Chicagoland, offering an extensive variety for every type.Club pilates chicago provides memberships with unlimited classes per week that are catered toward individuals who want to improve their strength but still maintain flexibility by focusing on proper technique rather than bulky weights.
New York Pilates SoHo location offers group and private reformer pilates in an industrial loft with two studios, 22 regular exercise equipment called "reformers," as well as a wall of mirrors for Absolute Choice Absolute beginners or those who want to get more than one body part working at once.
Pilates is a rigorous workout program that helps you break through your physical barriers. It requires focus and concentration as well as strength, flexibility and balance to execute each move with accuracy. The results are long term benefits for any activity from running marathons down hillsides of cobblestone streets or climbing mountains without being conquered by them!
Uptown Pilates' mission is to provide the highest quality Pilates instruction in a studio that surpasses all others. Our instructors are unmatched, with every one being at least two-time Black Belts and many holding even more prestigious titles like Master Level certification from UESP or NASM
Core Pilates NYC is a classical Pilates studio and teacher training center that specializes in providing students with the best equipment for their needs. We offer classes on reformers, chairs, as well as tower machines to accommodate your fitness goals! The Core pilate's approach combines movement from many different disciplines into an effective form of exercise.
"New York Pilates is a studio that focuses on sculpting bodies with the use of contemporary music and an advanced reformer class, which trains students for deep muscle strengthening. With this intense workout regimen in mind, you'll be able to get into your best shape ever!"
Since 2002, we at Pilates Reforming New York have been dedicated to making the practice of Pilates accessible and affordable for everyone. We're passionate about providing our clients with a wide range of options so that they can find what works best according their needs as an individual - whether it be physical challenges or mental ones!
Uptown Pilates West Village offers a classical and relaxing experience for those looking to live an active lifestyle. They offer private sessions as well as small group classes, which can accommodate up too 4 people per class at times that work best with your schedule!
Feel Good Pilates NYC is a safe space for all bodies from different backgrounds and experiences. We provide the benefits of pilates, with convenient rental studio equipment available in lower Manhattan as well! The staff members are trained to help you work towards your goals no matter what they may be; whether it's rehabbing an injury or just starting out on this life changing journey."
Nexa Pilates and Fitness is a studio that strives to create change in the body through detailed, informed instruction. Consistency with their own practice as well as what they teach you inspires long-lasting transformation within people who go on this journey themselves. They believe instructors should always live up these words:
Power Pilates is a great place to get your workout on. You can find classes for all levels and ages, from kids right up until seniors! The power of the human body isn't something most people take lightly but with PowerPilates you'll be able make progress toward better health in just one hour each week - saving money by not paying gym membership fees along the way too
21 Pilates NYC offers classes to fit your busy schedule. Located in New York City, NY- we help you unite the mind body and soul in a way that eases tension increasing mobility promote health & well being! Book today get started with our special introductory offer - equipment is provided
As a leader in the industry, Gramercy Pilates NYC- Certification School is proud to offer one of if not THE best teacher training programs with both Classical and Contemporary methods. In addition we provide custom private sessions by experts which will have you feeling strong again soon after just two sessions!
Pilates is the perfect form of exercise for those suffering from injury or chronic pain. The Noho Pilates Studio teaches this technique with certification in Joseph Pilate's teachings, an education about anatomy and biomechanics that will allow you to work out without having any injuries arise!
Real Pilates is a classical form of exercise that originated in New York City. The company offers expert training on every piece of equipment, and their classes provide an excellent way for those looking to maintain muscle tone as they age or recover from injury
212 Pilates uses a personalized approach to create customized programming for each client. We address the body as it appears in this moment, addressing your current needs and goals with tough love when necessary! The power of Pilates is that it allows you the individualized attention, focus on your body as-it stands at this moment.
The instructors at "Helens Intensive Pilates Upper East Side" teach you to be your best self through a variety of different workouts that will challenge and motivate. From beginners' classes, such as core work or X-cardio/strength conditioning; all the way up to more advanced programs for those looking to tone muscles in specific areas like arms & legs - we have something perfect!
NYC Pilates on the UWS of NYC. Offering virtual mat classes & private sessions, with a focus on relieving back pain! Fabulous for prenatal and postnatal women as well as those suffering from herniated discs or other spine conditions that increase inflammation in their lower backs - all while toning up arms& Legs
The Return To Life Center is a Pilates studio located in midtown Manhattan. They offer classes for all levels, including private sessions with instructors on-site who are experts at delivering customized programs to students of various abilities or needs - no matter if it's your first time taking up this form of exercise!
Avea Pilates is a teacher owned and operated independent business with some of the most popular, highly rated studios in Manhattan. Our style blends Classical & Contemporary pilates to provide an individual workout for all clients regardless their physical ability or body type while teaching them proper form
Are you looking to join a fitness community, or simply improve your physical well-being? The IM=X Pilates and Fitness franchise studio in NYC provides memberships & packages that will help get all of the benefits from an active lifestyle.
At Pilates nyc, we're passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities reach their fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight or improve your balance; get more flexible in the workplace or just have fun doing something different on a daily basis - our instructors will be with you every step of the way!
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 New York City
Pilates is the perfect workout for your whole body. The Pilates Room NYC offers the instruction to all ages and the fitness levels in its private, classical studio on the 7th Avenue between 24th Street-25th Street near Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The warm up section will help you become more limber while strengthening muscles that are prone not twist